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Read This First Please! Are you Qualified For Chiropractic?

Thank you for visiting my Blog. This letter is prepared to pre-qualify prospective practice members at our wellness chiropractic care centre in Keswick located in the town of Georgina.

It is our pleasure to have this opportunity to help make your life better.
Before you can get the most out of your chiropractic experience, several concepts need to be exposed. I put it this way because after helping thousands of pregnant women, babies, children, tweens, moms and dads, athletes, workers, boomers and zoomers in thousands of ways; I know that anything is possible.

We want the best possible results for you and your family. You can have what it is you are here for if you give your body the chance to change itself. Change of this nature is called healing. Healing is a continuous process that our body does from the inside-out over time. This work is a product of the quality and quantity of life force flowing in your body.

Permit me to clarify what I’m saying. None of us were taught that health and self-repair is natural to our body. Every minute, two and a half million cells must be replaced by your body. Please note: To make healthy new cells it takes a healthy body. In the mounting stress of our world we often forget that our body needs to be kept in tune. Just like race cars make pit stops, during the second stage of your care here once your symptoms have stopped you will need to let your body heal itself by replacing the unhealthy cells and repairing all the damaged tissues. A wellness care lifestyle must include regular spinal checkups…kind of like your car but your
body is different. BECAUSE IT IS ALIVE!
For example, when your car’s frame is out of alignment the tires wear unevenly and this affects the quality of the ride. Likewise, when your core spinal structures are out of alignment the body’s core communication and movement is affected and so your body can’t work properly. Chiropractors call this subluxation. What to do? Correcting your subluxations and teaching you to live your life without re-creating them is our service here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. How long and how much?

This brings up the concept we call health insurance. Insurance for your car isn’t even available unless there has been a crisis of some kind – a fire, a crash…This is why oftentimes we make the error of equating health care to the simple medication or remediation of symptoms. So basically the insurance model of reimbursement was developed to either repair or replace inanimate property. But, truth is…none of us has a health insurance policy. What we own is sickness treatment insurance. In fact you must be sick to use it. Can you see the contradiction with this?

So the question is, does health insurance exist? I believe it does. We have already covered it. Your human body has the Innate capacity to repair itself. Your living body can literally change itself through its built-in regenerative abilities. How much would a car with this accessory cost? HA! � Can’t be done.

I believe that prevention is the only true form of health care assurance. At the same time I will further say that your body’s built-in regeneration is proof that the ultimate insurance policy is already being provided for you by the power that animates the living Universe. This may surprise you but it is true. Once your spine is subluxation free, your regular chiropractic care releases this power into your life. Wellness chiropractic is about certainty and fun. That’s how health feels. Together we will explore what is needed to keep you in this state. Its not only your symptoms that matter…We will begin today by looking deeper by measuring the nervous system that you are living you life through. Next we will create an affordable plan of care with you to help you achieve and fulfill your lifestyle goals. Your questions and interests in this regard are very important to us. We are here so serve you. It is always up to you how long you choose to experience the benefits of chiropractic care. Thank you for reading this first.

Healing At The Speed of Life,

Dr. Bob Pike
Wellness Chiropractor,

Owner Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre 905.476.6475


Why Is Sitting The Most Stressful Posture?

Doesn’t seem right neutral-spine-drawingthat the posture we spend the most time doing is actually potentially harmful to our spine.  Why is sitting a problem?  OK, lets analyse this.

A good place to begin is the anatomy.  Your spine has two types of normal curves which are vital to the optimal function of the central nervous system that it protects. Here’s what this means…The neck for example has the same shape of curvature as the lower back.  Keeping these curvatures intact is very important to the health of our body because without them the normal functions of the different cells, tissue and systems are not possible. It is necessary for you to understand that abnormal function, that is too much or too fast, too little or too slow is not acceptable. When function is off, so is our life affected in every way with increasing evidence as time accumulates.  So what does sitting have to do with anything? Here it is…When sitting with the head forward while driving, computing or texting you risk developing “text neck”.   The head held in flexion looking downwards reverses the natural spine shape which when combined with intangibles like time and gravity results in altered movements and eventually wear and tear in the structures called arthritis – literally joint inflamed.

Sitting properly requires that we keep the lower spine in alignment which is only possible if we intentionally keep the shape of the curve or allow the same fate to occur as with the neck. But wait there’s more…When we sacrifice the posture of any spinal curve; all of the others are impacted equally. Posture is a key to health and well being. You can test this easily with muscle testing using the neck.  Have your partner lower their chin toward the chest and test the strength of the arm muscles. Then compare this muscle with the head held in the upright position balanced on top of the body. You will immediately realize the importance of using your body according to its design.

One more aspect of posture is emotions. How does our alignment differ when we are upset or fearful? Think of the example of two dogs confronting. One is the alpha and will dominate while the other assumes the posture of the submissive weaker creature with its spine flexed fully and tail between the legs. We cannot grow and face life when we are constantly in defence. How we are feeling about ourselves shows up in how we hold ourselves as posture. To live well, we must figure out how to feel good as often as we can.  Take this to heart by paying attention to your alignment in all dimensions. Care enough about yourself to choose the best attitude and stuff like chairs, car seats, mattresses, footwear and backpack that you can.

Oh and of course learn as much as you can about who you are so you may reveal your authentic self in your posture whether sitting or otherwise in each moment.


What’s The Best Practice…Adjustment Or Massage First?

I get this question often. Let’s look at thRMT handse reason for the confusion and watch the answer pop into our awareness.
I once had a personal trainer come in for help because of a frustrating weakness of his left bicep muscle. He had been working diligently with the weights to strengthen the weakness in his left arm which had persisted for quite some time…He told me that he was right handed and so it made sense to him that his left side may be less powerful during workouts. But he sensed something else was going on.
I love to share how the body works with the people who come to me for help and the muscles are a logical place to begin. So I said to him lets explore this a little with muscle testing. Have you ever done that? When he said “no”, I explained the principle that the body always reveals the truth about what is beneficial for it and what isn’t.  (Please concentrate with me for the next few moments to follow the sequence and the answer to the question in the title will occur to you).

“Lets begin with your strong side”.  I had him to hold his right arm parallel to the floor in front of him and look straight ahead. I challenged the arm to assess how it adapted to the strmuscle-testing-1ess of downward pressure. Not too much force (muscle testing isn’t a competition) but firm enough that we would both know what his body was showing us.  The result was an effortless ability to resist the test. Next I asked him to change his spinal alignment by turning his head either right or left. (The principle here is that any position of our core alignment which isn’t beneficial will show up as weakness in the test muscle). When he rotated (turned) his head towards the left his strong side suddenly became less functional and yet when he was looking to the right the “weak side” left arm worked perfectly.That’s amazing” he said.   I asked him,  “Can you understand what your body is showing to you?

The beauty of muscle testing is its simplicity and clarity.  We had learned that his left arm signs and symptoms of both weakness, neck pain  and muscle dysfunction were not present when his spinal posture changed to right head rotation.  I took spinal x-rays to assess the actual condition of his core structures which revealed an old neck injury that he had forgotten about.

The important point here is this.  This thirty something year old was suffering from a spinal condition that chiropractors refer to as subluxation. (A neurological disturbance with related consequences caused by a spinal misalignment) BUT he did not know this fact.  And so he had been self-medicating with over the counter meds, and trying to force his weakened muscle to become strong with weight lifting. Can you see that the next potential problem he would develop is a tendonitis if he had not had his spine checked? Can you also grasp that therapeutic attempts to knead chronically weakened and tense muscles would be ineffective and out of order. The answer to the above question is this…Before taking your body with its aching sore muscles and underlying spinal subluxations to your massage therapist, bowen therapist, body talk worker, acupuncturist, or yoga mat; visit your D.C. and have your subluxations corrected.  Your therapists will notice and appreciate the increased order, harmony and balance of your body and you will benefit so much more from their work and your own preference in exercise strategies.

By the way; the personal trainer experienced a significant and surprising improvement in his ability to lift once he had addressed the actual cause of his body’s problems. He began to send his clients to me for subluxation screening before designing their workout schedules. We formed a mutually beneficial collaboration and everyone was better for it.


How Do I Maximize Your Child’s Health?

Next Wednesday night here in our reception area, I will be hosting a power point presentation on some revolutionary health concepts. Why are so many of our kids being diagnosed with a condition and then prescribed medication? Is it they who have the problem or is it us?

What do I mean by a revolutionary health concept?  In my 30+ years of  experience, most parents are upset when their child is suffering. They are distracted from their busy lives and may even lose precious sleep time. A parent may also lose work hours, opportunities and income during the trips to and from the doctors and hospitals. After all that sacrifice they will often be told that the solution to their child’s suffering is a drug which will only treat the symptoms and not even come close to correcting the cause of the underlying dysfunction that is causing them.  In my opinion too many settle for this superficial remedy. This ironically is because drugs do work to suppress or mask a great variety of signs and symptoms.  Another opinion I have and this is not a judgement on anyone in particular is that by giving chemicals to children for a problem is sending the wrong message to our kids about drug use while failing to address the actual cause of the child’s health issues.

This brings us to the revolutionary concept. Let me give an example here. When diagnosing children with ADHD the treatment of choice is the Ritalin brand or methylphenadate (MPD) its chemical name. I have seen many of these kids. Most of us know that because it is so easy for a school to have a child labelled with this commonly identified condition the use of this chemical is bringing in billions for its maker.  In the PDR (physicians desk reference) it is clearly stated that they don’t know how MPD works. When asked for the science on this drug which is untested for use in children under six years of age, they say it “juices up the central nervous system”.   They say the problem is with the nervous system. For those of you who are under chiropractic care you’ll recall that this  is what I work with every day in  my chiropractic clinic. They say that the nerve system is where the problem is. This vastly overdiagnosed condition  is from dysfunction due to imbalanced  chemicals in a child necessary for focus and calmness.  BUT they don’t connect the two! …Then they say that this powerful class II narcotic – similar in effect to cocaine, is safe to give our kids for ADHD because it fixes the symptoms.  BUT, they don’t know how it works. This is malpractice in my opinion. here is the revolutionary bit: What if the chemical imbalance in your child, regardless of the condition’s name, is caused by a malfunction in their nervous system that is caused by a correctable and proven spinal condition chiropractors call SUBLUXATION.  This is defined as a spinal misalignment with nerve disturbances that is caused by the overwhelm of the maturing nervous system of your growing child. Wouldn’t you want to know about this revolutionary explanation? Wouldn’t you want to know how to help your child adapt better in this chemicalized  and over-medicated world? This my friend is the purpose and mission of my service to our community. I am committed to educate and demonstrate this reality of true health care to any parent who will listen and realize the potential for huge changes in their family and so their quality of life.

What makes this chiropractic awareness revolutionary is that before you can see it you must believe it.  The proof is also available to all parents who care enough about their own lives to actually change their mind about how health happens and how it is lost. Here’s the link to next week’s meeting:


How are Sickness and Wellness the same?

Both of these are the end state of a process. A process is a string of decisions and actions over time.  The ‘health crisis’ we are in the midst of is a condition of too many people living in the state of sickness and its consequences. Do you see this is true? Most of us would agree that in this context the world is at at “tipping point”.

I am a chiropractor with over thirty years of practice experience. I focus primarily on wellness awareness in my practice here in Uptown Keswick.

What is that?  Well, if we are to shift out of this alleged health crisis, in my humble opinion we need to start being more careful about how we use language. By this I mean there is no health crisis. That term is an oxymoron. Health by definition of the World Health Organization is “a natural state of complete physical, chemical and social (I would say emotional) well being and not merely the absence of symptoms and/or infirmity.”

So how can there ever be a “health” crisis? What we mean is that there isn’t enough health correct? We have too many people moving away from this state and towards something else. Don’t let your mind fog over at this point. Each of us is responsible to be very clear about our world wide crisis for what it is. TO MUCH SICKNESS and NOT ENOUGH WELLNESS. To quote a colleague, Dr. Jason Deitch, coauthor of Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make your life rich; “We need more people less sick”. I agree. Do you?

We can do this by spreading state of health awareness. On September 17 at 7 to 8 pm we are doing this with parents at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. Please register yourself and a friend who can be your accountability partner. Here’s the poster:

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