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Do you Want To Treat It Or Do You Want To Beat It?

empowered-childOnce upon a time there was a vibrational intelligence so advanced it could imagine and then form the whole universe just by breathing it into being.

It was so advanced that it focused and  imagined and created natural laws and rules for the compassionate control of every type of situation that could ever happen in this realm of time and space.

Universal intelligence was so amazingly incredible that it couldn’t help that it wanted to experience itself in every possible way.

So, after universal intelligence had manifested the ideal environment in which to ‘live’ and ‘be’ ‘alive’… after that,  it split a part of itself off and dove deeply into the physical matrix of time-space reality and was born into the ideal environment of here and now on the planet known as Earth.

The incredible experiment of physical birth from a vibrational state into the vibrating physical creation resulted in the reality of spinal misalignment caused by the intensity of the transition from the vibraional no-where into the physical now-here.

The only form of health care needed in this realm of universal creation was one which understood the importance of proper alignment in the physical form on all dimensions…physical, chemical and psycho-emotional. This work is done in modernity through adjustments by hand only and named after the Greek language  was dubbed Chiro (by hand) practice (practice).




What’s The Big Idea?


For years the truth about how your body works,as known by the chiropracatic profession has been referred to as “THE BIG IDEA.” Today while studying for this post I came across the above video. The parallels of this spinal research into paralysis is exactly on point with the power of a chiropractic adjustment for the common spinal disturbances I correct daily in our adjustment suite here at Pike Chiropractic. I recommend taking a moment to view this realization of Christopher Reeve’s dream on YouTube. “‘Epidural Stimulation reminds the spine of its potential” in the same way exactly as the chiropractic adjustment does only with the surgical implantation.

“The therapy involves implanting a device that’s wired to the paralyzed patient’s spinal cord and applies an electrical current, which helps provide signals that would normally come from the brain, according to the foundation’s “The Big Idea” website.
It noted that the treatment also improved the four men’s bladder and bowel control, sexual function, and cardiovascular capabilities.”

Hi friends and PCHC FANS. Isn’t this research and its implications amazing?! Thanks for your attention to the content and concepts shared on this page. 2015 is the 2X year for Pike Chiropractic’s Health Freedom Lifestyle. Yes it is. This means that with your help, Pike Chiropractic’s impact on the community will double! I”m asking you to help my begin this exciting adventure today by telling two friends about this page. We can raise the total

likes to 1000 by March 24th – my birthday! Thanks in advance for your participation in this important mission. What is so important about it? Subluxation in the spine of a human being deprives them of quality and quantity of LIFE! How and why is the role of subluxation so much bigger than has been understood? BECAUSE. Because subluxation of the electro-chemical communications between your brain and your body’s 3 trillion cells changes everything in both over time. Consider what happened to Christopher Reeve in 1995. I am not over – dramatizing subluxation and I’m going to prove it on this page every day. Subluxation caused Reeve’s death in 2005 at the age of 52.Yes, his subluxation was catastrophic in nature and involved fracture of the second vertebra in his upper neck during an equestrian competition. During the last nine years of his life Reeve’s became a hero for those affected by spinal injury. Research into this by Team Reeve is groundbreaking as the above video demonstrates. Because of my 35 years in chiropractic I see the significance of this research as proof and a powerful endorsement of the BIG IDEA underlying our profession;s much ridiculed and maligned approach to health care since 1895.

It is said that death and taxes are the unavoidable blights of our lives. I’d like to introduce another tax that I know about which is far more inconvenient and financially significant in its impact on our lives. This is THE IGNORANCE TAX. So just how BIG a problem is our ignorance? Ignorance about the truth of chiropractic adjustment leaves people in doubt and fear instead of running to experience this revolutionary solution. Spinal subluxation is the most common cause of spinal dysfunction in the history of the human race.

If as the Reeve Foundation’s videos portray the ‘epidural stimulation project’ is the “definition of victory over…paralysis” then it is equally true that the chiropractic adjustment is the definition of victory over the spinal subluxation.

It is my opinion that the majority of the improvements in the lives of those who spend time doing yoga and other forms of movement and exercise are due to the spontaneous correction of the subluxations in their spines which would otherwise accumulate and degenerate their spinal signal causing incremental loss of health in every way possible. Does yoga or Pilates eliminate all a persons long lived spinal subluxation? Of course not. That is why regular spinal checkups by your wellness chiropractor are so very important. What is true is that the healthier you become the better the less susceptible to becoming subluxated you will be.

Today’s adjusting suite story is about a 15 year old who’s sub-station scans and x-rays showed upper spine subluation at C1 and C2 with secondary compensatory postural changes in all three of his natural spinal curves. My 10 second health test revealed marked weakness in his left arm with left head rotation. His first corrective adjustment was by instrument to C1. Within seconnds his marked left sided weakness disappeared completely. His life is changed forever. Today at 10:30 am after living through his subluxated spine since birth, he began a process of subluxation correction which will be monitored by the sub station muscle, thermal and heart rate variability scans. His current Core Score is good at 84.


Spinal subluxation is serious. Chiropractic care is a necessity.

Brain Power

Good day friends and fans of Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre.  2015 is a 2X year for Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. This means that our impact on this community will double.  We will do this through regular meetings and workshops where Subluxation’s devastating effects on health in people of all ages will be demonstrated using the 10 second health test.  This test provides a clear experience of muscle function as a reflection of brain connection. The range of results spans from muscle paralysis to weakness to OPTIMAL TONE.  The power of the 10 second test is that it also demonstrates the possibility of subluxation correction.

It was nice to see a new person reactivate into care yesterday. I’m her third chiropracTOR. She had one during her teen years, another in Newmarket before moving to Keswick. This chiropractor did adjustments and then quite a bit of soft tissue work, but the “adjustments didn’t last”. Are you saying my adjustments hold better I asked…”Yes ...You work very differently”. The BIG IDEA in chiropractic is this: “HOLDING IS HEALING” Why is this idea so big?
I can explain this by saying that my focus is correction of the primary subluxation by specific chiropractic adjustment. The order of procedures is everything! The major misalignment in all of us is most often in the upper cervical area at the top of the neck in the misalignment of the head on the spine. Specific adjustment whether by instrument or by hand, frees up flow of needed energies between the brain and the rest of the body. This is KEY. This is why I use the Insight Subulxation Station to monitor the healing process.. By adjusting the primary subluxation first, I can then see if the body needs anything else done OR NOT. Getting chiropractic adjustment to hold is about working with the body’s intelligence and NOT about working on the body to treat symptoms. Another big idea nugget is that our body once aligned is completely self-repairing. Here’s an example…

One of my new (first month of care) people came in because his wife referred him to me. His previous two chiros were a full spine generalist for 3 months and another for one year who also used laser. There was some success (relief) in his shoulder. Then after some time he relapsed and now chiro #3..ME.  After Sub-Station scans, and x-rays there was evidence of upper neck subluxation and compensatory changes in all the spinal curves. There was obvious weakness (partial paralysis) of the left side of his body…This is a far bigger health problem than most people realize… We managed five visits before the Christmas interval and started up with three more in January.  No changes were reported until after the seventh visit when his shoulder symptoms flared intensely.  Another fact here is that once the body begins to heal the sequence of events is not predictable… The experience will vary from bliss to discomfort. From sleepy to energized. The attitude a person under care must train themselves into is that any change is healing including no change. Exactly as it is happening in this case – nothing until 7 visits over 5 weeks then the process became noticeable in a way that was interpreted as disturbing. Going to a health club to work out can have the same result right? People often injure themselves while exercising. (or aggravate a problem)
The message is that until visit 7, all of the healing was silent and invisible until when it wasn’t.. The law to cling to in this instance is that the body never makes a mistake or hurts itself. The body is an amazing healing organism. Subluxation stops the clear communication between the body’s cells and the brain’s unfathomable resources. Correcting this serious health problem by adjustment is what true chiropractic is about – I Change lives by reconnecting trillions of cells to the Universal resources of life with spinal adjustments…Lifetime wellness care in a nutshell.