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What Is A Health Lifestyle Coach?


Yes.  This is a loaded question as the child hugging the globe indicates.
Lets look at these three title words as defined in Websters dictionary.

1. health: “a flourishing condition of well-being” there were several other ridiculous ones. This is my choice.
2. lifestyle: “the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture”. This is the only one and I disagree.
3. coach: “one who instructs or trains”. This is an accurate description of two key elements of the teacher student dynamic but there are more.

After over 35 years as a primary health care practitioner in Ontario I feel it appropriate to present myself as a Health Coach. As a health coach, I instruct those who seek my assistance on the art of attaining the condition or state of “well being”. Reminds me of a story. There was a man on the beaches of California looking outwards over the water and bemoaning that he couldn’t see the statue of liberty. A passerby inquired as to why the man was so sad and emotional and offered to help. When the man told the passerby of his consternation, the passerby informed him that; “you are in the wrong State”.

Tony Robins uses the term “state management” in this context. When we are in the wrong state we won’t be able to find what we are looking for and certainly will not experience liberty or freedom which I can assure you is one of the primary benefits of the ‘state of health’.  What would it be worth to you to awaken every day free of pain of any kind and with a sense that a state of ‘well being’ is a guarantee of predictable health in your future? Can you say with certainty that you will be healthier in 5 or 10 years that you are today? Can you? What is the key to your health? The clue in this story is that well being is not possible unless you are in the “right state”.   A health coach would need to know something about how to teach others to manage their state. This means to teach the art of shifting into your ideal state without fail. So there is the answer to the question posed above. Health is a state and a health coach is one who can inspire other into their ideal state. A byproduct of this is well being and all that goes with it including joy and freedom in the abundance of life for starters.

With respect to the term lifestyle above. In my opinion there is no such thing as “a typical way of life”. There are only states which result in ways of life. The question is; is your lifestyle you living on purpose or by accident, consciously or by default? I can assure you as a SHC that the state of health is attainable if you can manage to live consciously in the right state. Its interesting…there is no wrong state; for the experience of every state informs those that follow in an accumulative way. “We can’ get it wrong and we are never done”.

What is the ‘right state’ in this space/time realm in which we find ourselves living? The state to which all who profess to be coaches aspire? Why the art of being here and now of course. As a SHC it is my focus to find different ways of seeing and mapping this state out. Each of us is completely unique and so infinite ways are possible. Once we awaken to this fact we have begun the art of ‘TOR’. We transcend ordinary reality and enter the extraordinary.


is your Health Predictable or Is Your Freedom In Jeopardy?



What is the difference between SMT (spinal manipulative therapy) and a specific chiropractic adjustment? Why should you care?
The answer is simple but for it to make sense,  we must ask a few more questions first.

Do you know that your body is self-regulating and self-healing or do you only believe it and therefore neglect to take right action in your life?

Do you fix your home and cars and yet neglect to check your spinal alignment and keep your only body-brain connection in tune?

Do you believe your brain doesn’t need a properly aligned spine for you to experience HEALTH FREEDOM? Do you believe brushing your teeth once is enough?

Proactive people take adjustments regularly because they understand and KNOW chiropractic to be the only evidence based approach to keeping the body’s internal functions at their best.  The result enables the state we call HEALTH to happen.  Reactive  or crisis motivated people wait until they feel actual pain or for their body to be in organ malfunction before reacting in defense.  Unfortunately it is a scientific fact that we cannot grow and evolve into who we are here to be from a defensive mindset. If is is our habit to let stress accumulate we shut down partially and so are less able to adapt, digest, rest and procreate.  Something to THINK about in a future blog.

Here at Pike Chiropractic we know why and how chiropractic and the modern measurement technologies can ensure you are adapting to daily change at your full potential. It is our mission to keep you and your family at your best NOW. so in your future your health is PREDICTABLE.

Your health is predictable if you can eat whatever you want, enjoy all the activities you choose to do and have loads of energy to spare at workday end to spend with yourself and family. Do you accept that genetic factors are limiting your freedom to be predictably healthy? Do you have to take medicines?  If so you have likely either been misinformed or you haven’t adopted regular chiropractic adjustment out of ignorance or misleading beliefs you have been missing out. I call this the ignorance tax. But it is never to late to wake your body up. It is just like rebooting your computer. Life is already flowing, Specific adjustments turn up the volume. Stop your needless sufering and the limitations of being incarcerated by your genetic prison. A life sentence! You can escape with adjustments into predictable lifetime wellness.

Your body is self-healing and self-regulating but how would you experience this if your master control is unable to communicate with your body because of an unhealthy spinal system. Call today to arrange for your Insight spinal scan and find out what has been holding you back from health freedom and a future of predictable health and daily well being.


Your Nervous System Is The Backbone Of Health

How smart is your brain? Millions of us are spending time on games and activities that help develop our brain’s neuroplastic ability.  What does this term mean and why does it matter?  An easy way to think of this is to imagine that your brain never stops  learning. An example of an incredibly difficult that demonstrates the brain growing to new abilities is when you learned to walk from scratch.