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Which Do You Have; A Back And Neck Ache Or A Brain Problem?

IMG_0703.JPG pin imageIMG_0704.JPG scan sublux

How do I explain what I have learned about health and healing to a community like ours that really needs leadership? Simple. Tell the truth right?  Take this for example. I receive a postcard notice in the mail entitled FAITH-HOPE-LOVE on July 14-16th. So here’s my response as a leader to this invitation. First, understand that the guiding principle in my life and vocation as a chiropractor is the LIFE PRINCIPLE.  What is this principle? It is the overwhelming example life shows me every day in  the abundance of nature and the the miracles people experience in my adjusting studio. So when I look at the three words on this invitation one of them doesn’t resonate with me while the other two do. What do I do? Do I say anything, or do I keep silent?

I’m guided by the life principle to know this fact. Life in expression in me and around me is constantly giving me what I and my family need to live our lives. To me LOVE is about a consistent, cyclic, constantly demonstrated unconditional sharing of immense value.  This gift in the present (pun intended) gives me what I need for my body to live and be healthy.  I begin to actually know and trust in something I cannot see but with is everywhere I look. I can feel FAITH growing in my heart and mind. I KNOW I am not alone. I KNOW Something is with us.

How do I explain what I know about health and healing? I show it i my windows like the two images above. I speak it. I live it.  Health is a natural outcome of LIFE in full expression. So the simple explanation of cancer, heart attacks and organ stress conditions like diabetes, liver congestion,asthma, bladder dysfunction, kidney disease and prostate hypertrophy; the simple truth about disease is that life hasn’t been and is not in full expression. It can’t be. The question is why not? I posted the answer to this in my previous blog which suggest you refer to.

The safety pin demo above is self explanatory. Normally when your brain communicates 100% with your organs they function 100%. When something breaks the circulation of energy and messages; dysfunction begins and may not be even noticed let alone felt for decades. The reason so many young humans in our town are dying is because most of us think that health is how we or our loved ones are FEELING. I have question for you. Do people die mainly from conditions they feel of from diseases they didn’t ever know were growing in their body? Think about this. Think hard because thinking isn’t easy and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us because of the schooling we were subjected to.  What about the scan results on the right side above? Simple, this is what silent, invisible DIS-EASE looks like until it announces itself through a medical physician as an unexpected chemical result in a blood test. But by that time as they say; the horse done already left the barn. It’s too late. Another medical failure for the stat log.

If your brain-body commnication has been malfunctioning for three of four decades because of an unhealthy spine and disturbed nervous system -SUB-LUX-ATION- those aches and pains were also brain symptoms NOT merely back and neck problems you can mask with OTC meds, massage, physio or a back crack every time it hurts.

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Are Your Natural Energies Tuned in and Turned On? If So You Are Health.

The basic premise of chiropractic is that ‘true’ health is dependent on the full expression of life. “This basic premise is the strength of chiropractic, the premise that there is an interference that is causing the problem. By the way, its not just the cause of the physical problem when a patient shows up. Its a cause of all of mankind’s problems: there is an interference to the expression of life.”(1)

The chiropractic adjustment  is about removing interference to life expression at the physical level. Why do I need to qualify the word health with the adjective ‘true’? My best answer to this question is that there IS a source of health.

“Chiropractically we have called this Innate Intelligence. In effect this is our ‘true’ identity(2). This is that part of Universal Intelligence resident within the person. We have further said that Innate is constantly giving to matter its qualities and characteristics. This is a sound premise. The person’s true identity centers in Innate Intelligence and the qualities and characteristics of innate are the person’s true nature. Each person has the responsibility, in identity with innate, to give these qualities and characteristics to what is called ‘matter.’ Should the person be identified with other qualities and characteristics than those that are true of innate, then this sets up within the person a conflict pattern (or contradiction), producing an internal concussion of forces which in turn is the the basic cause of all vertebral subluxations.”

“First of all, everyone who comes into our office for help comes in because there’s an interference to life’s expression. That’s all disease is, that all sickness is. It isn’t anything of itself. It is the absence of life in expression. that’s all. And if life is damned off we have the manifestation of ill conditions. We put names on them and make a big deal out of nothing. But it is just the interference to life’s expression.

More on this flow of chiropractic philosophy from my mentor Dr. Bill Bahan in my next Blog on “Innate Psychiatry”

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1 Bill Bahan quotes circa 1975

2. emphasis mine