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Source Is Primary or…How Stuff Works!

B.J. Palmer – the developer of our chiropractic profession wrote this in 1946.

          “You and I are.       We did not happen.       We are a result.      We are replicas of many who have gone before.        We represent a pattern.

       In this pattern everything is properly placed. started running, and keeps on keeping on until its destined time to end. All viscera and organs are functioning as fore-ordained  Because we are, all prone to take all for granted, giving little thot to what it was and is that made us.

     Within each of us is an Innate Intelligence.                                                                                                                                        This Innate is a great reservoir of limitless potentialities.  To the man who begins at birth, finds it impossible to continue at death, and does some thinking between, it is an untapped, unexplored continuity of all good constructive vital necessities, the length, breadth and depth of which no man has yet fathomed.

     Innate within us is as great as the country, continent, and universe it arises from and causes to come into being. The Innate within us is as great as the product of the universe, continent, country, and man and woman it made.  To observe the man and woman and deny the intelligence which made them is not sufficient, for behind all products IS the producer.  The intellectual producer works, and the intellectual product is no less that its source.

     Man was builded by the Innates of the male father and female mother.                                                                                      Man was produced and reproduced by the Innates of Male and female.  Any Innate that MADE man is the Innate that keeps man alive and sane in his physical and mental functions.  To ignore Innate because Innate cannot be seen under a microscope or measured quantitatively or qualitatively in a chemical test tube is common-sense folly, even  if it is scientifically nonsense.  We admit the product and deny the producer.                                                                                       To study Innate is to gain knowledge of the source of that which works to rebuild man if he digresses from normal. to rebuild health to sickness: to restore sanity to insanity: for as one fades in, the other fades out — all coming from within outward.  Nothing that comes from the outside inward, or from below upward, artificially, has permanent value.

     Notwithstanding man’s boasted science, there exists an intelligence that conceived male and female, man and woman.  It further conceived the pregnancy method, the time of gestation, the manner of birth of male and female, the balances of sexes in reproduction  This intelligence as been following that definite and positive pattern for millions of years with millions of people.  Not only does THAT intelligence reproduce, but it is intelligent sufficient to produce man AFTER he is born: regulate and balance his functions: keep him in life and health: and restore health and sanity if sickness nd insanity exist.  It is THIS intelligence which is THE basic factor to which every Chiropractor looks for restoration of health following adjustment.  When any Chiropractor loses sight of this factor, he has lost the fundamental upon which Chiropractic rests.  When he seeks to substitute great source to go for more knowledge than the mere pittance we think we now know.

     Within the confines of each Innate Intelligence is stored, index-filed, cross-filed, cataloged, systematically, everything that ever was, is, or will be.  Much within has come out.  Much is in it yet to come out.  All the poetry, prose, discoveries, music, inventions: all the knowledge of how birds fly, fishes swim, man walk: every device that has been produced by it is within it.  If man could and would draw upon it. he could do artificially, within artificial Limitations, everything it does naturally, except in a more limited manner.

     There are only 310 mechanical movements known to science.  They are all in the bodies of objects Innate has made in natural objects.  To invent the submarine, man needed to study how fish sink and rise.  To fly man needed to study how birds fly.  Genius, in man is nothing more or less that opening the gate, unlocking the inner recesses between Innate and Education, letting the flow come from within out-ward.

     To repel this inner knowledge is to stagnate our greater self.  To embrace this inner knowledge is to develop ourselves to be greater than we are.  Innate can no more break thru an educated inhibition to change thot, than thru a vertebral subluxation to change function.                                                                                                                                            Innate knows ALL about man and woman in the gross as well as the minutest minutia. Educated man could know MORE about man and woman IF man would let Innate instruct, guide and direct his thinking.   But this must come from within outward.  It is entirely internal.  Education on the reverse, thinks it can force the reverse from outward inward, from below upward; and when it attempts the artifieial reverse, he defeats the internal natural knowledge of knowing more about what Innate knows.  Innate has known about vertebral subluxations since man was conceived. Innate also knows about correcting them.  Perversion of Innate’s law has made man sick.  Working WITH Innate helps to correct them.

     Abnormality, sickness and insanity are inhibitions between Innate  and the body it made, running normally when it was.  Normality, health, life and sanity are restored by correcting the vertebral subluxation, removing the physical inhibition to normal quantity flow of intellectual energy between Innate and its living objectives.

     Inhibitions, artificially manufactured by Educated man, between Innate and its living objectives is to create an obstacle between Innate and those living objectives.  To build a MENTAL educated inhibition is to inhibit Innate function from bringing forth to the world what it has learned down thru the ages which would work if permitted to freely and naturally express itself.  Educated man, in his narrowest thinking inflicts HIS ideas upon things natural and thus often starves history from a newer and better service to mankind.

     There are those Chiropractors who explain memory, mentality and function as an assimilated molecular kaleidoscopic pattern and if as and when the pattern duplicates and repeats itself, the same memory, thought or function pattern of matter duplicates itself.  The absent important point is: WHAT IS IT which intelligently, consistently and persistently duplicated the pattern hour after hour, day after day and year after year, between birth and death?”


Alert! When Drugs Are Used With Children It Can Be Life Threatening!


Here is a link that all parents with ADHD  children need to listen to.

This story is self=evident in its scope and relevance

There are few pharmaceutical strategies parents need to know  before subjecting our youth to the toxicity of drug therapy. Without doubt the mos powerful one is the body’s own recuperative ability which is released through the specific upper cervical (neck) adjustment.

Are you losing sleep because of your child’s condition?  Do you know the body’s own systems can prevent needless overdose ever happening to your child?

If you want to know more about natural healing call me at 905-476-6475



What Is The Life Principle? How Does It Relieve Pain?

OK, here we go. If you are reading this, you must be into personal development.  What does personal development have to do with growing your and your family’s health? Good question! I mention pain in the title above. What is pain? Pain is often a symptom that something is under repair.  Persistent chronic pain over more than three days, is a sign that something isn’t right. Personal development involves understanding with clarity that pain is a natural element of a healing or dis-ease process that is underway. When I sprained my ankle playing high school basketball, it hurt like hell, swelled up and eventually turned lots of different colours. My point is that pain is not a bad thing. Personal development gives me the insight necessary to understand that how I feel is really no indication of how my body is  functioning.  Full function = health. They are equal. So limited function = dis-ease with or without symptoms. Prolonged dis-ease becomes actual disease; both with and without symptoms. The further we move away from the full expression of our life principle the less alive we are. Does that make sense? Here’s one version of the health continuum  known as the Illness – Wellness  Continuum. The wellness paradigm in the continuum below can be summed up as anything that increases the expression of the Life Principle as I stated above.

As I said in yesterday’s blog post’ “The reason that I experience a periodic buildup of frustration is because as a chiropractor, I care for the nervous system of the people who come to me. We live our lives through this system and so it needs to be kept in tune like any musical instrument does. If a person doesn’t clearly grasp how this relates to the life principle they may spend years struggling with the ‘treatment paradigm’ and also the wellness paradigm because they’re missing out on the powerful benefits of the specific chiropractic spinal adjustment. Consider the consequences of this to a body builder or a mom with sick kids.  Missing out on the subluxation correction to enhance the spinal communication process over years and decades will negatively affect and shorten lives.


illness-wellness_continuumMy reason for serving through chiropractic is that as chiropractors we see the spinal adjustment as a very efficient (safe, natural, fast, inexpensive) method of increasing the quality and quantity of Life Force flow in the human body.  This brings us back to Life Principle. A principle is a law; a natural law (like gravity).  The Life Principle is a spiritual concept. In our body it is self-evident that the brain’s primary organ of communication is the spinal cord and 24 pairs of nerve roots. I you don’t know this you must consider that your mind has been manipulated into a state of ignorance. It is also self evident that the stress of daily living is constant and increasing.  Don’t suffer unnecessarily in treatment or waste valuable time in wellness without regular spinal checkups that can make all the difference. The most important thing I will ever do for my patients is to adjust them!  If this concept appeals to you and you haven’t integrated regular spinal checkups into your health regime yet, give me a call. 905-476-6475 and or visit


Is It CoINcidence OR Is It CoinCIDEnce?

You know what? I get tired of people using the term coincidence to indicate that when things happen there is no meaning because its “just a coincidence” The way I see the Universe is that everything has a meaning; including the seemingly random occurrence of nearly simultaneous events.

Can you see that the true pronunciation of the word to describe the meaningful timing of events that coincide is pronounced phonetically to be an actual coincidence and not a mere coincidence?  OK rant over. And it was a rant.

The reason that I experience a periodic buildup of frustration is because as a chiropractor, I care for the nervous system of the people who come to me. We live our lives through this system and so it needs to be kept in tune like any musical instrument does. When human beings lose their health because of spinal subluxation causing dysfunction in their brain and its nervous system it is my duty as a chiropractor to proclaim loudly that their disease is not merely a coincidence but a manifestation of the synchronistic COINCIDENCE due to life force flowing into their vital tissues and organs.

Life Principle Sessions are held with Dr. Bob Pike every Wednesday evening. Call 904-476-6475 if you would like to attend.


Why Do Some Of Us Get Sick And Others Not So Much?

Obviously depending on your perspective there can be many different answers to this question. Why do some seem more prone to inheriting diseases than their siblings do? Is is possible they inherited the predisposition for the disease and because their environment was the same as the parent? Why doesn’t their sibling “get it”? Lifestyle must factor in; meaning our choices, thinking and actions. Is there another factor we have been missing because our science is blinded by theories shrouded in the economics of our world?

Do you have a persistent condition that you have been told you’ll just have to “live with”?  If you want to learn a different way to think about this, attend DINNER WITH DOC this evening at Fusion Cuisine.  Is is possible that so many of us get sick, suffer necessarily and develop organ failures simply because we are stuck in a way of thinking? Have we been taught what to think and not how to think? Wouldn’t this be a reason causing us to be blinded to the truth about our health?

To book your seat tonight call 905-476-6475 to learn how to become eligible for FREE DINNER at Fusion Carribbean Italian Cuisine.


The Five Kaizens Of Health

Last week I was interviewed on Rogers for Georgina Life. This was my first opportunity to sit on the “big red couch” and chat with Jordan and Amanda. My topic was how to raise the bar or move the needle when in comes to creating health in our community. Our conversation began with an outline of the Dinner With Doc series. Interestingly; Jordan who is very knowledgeable due to his own health challenges, was fascinated by my suggestion that a healthy body is a time machine.

Time and health are related you may ask? Yes!  Consider for a moment that time is our only non-renewable resource. Ironically on the other hand time is totally an illusion. Huh? Sure it is.  What time is it now?  Well the answer (as always) is in the question. No matter what ‘time’ your smart phone reads, it is NOW. If you could ask a dog for the time the creature would cock its head sideways and roll its eyes and remind you that of course “its now man”.  Then we talked about the other three questions we cover during Dinner With Doc like what is health, how do we know and why is this true.

For today’s blog I will sum this up with the 5 Kaizens. Health is free and 100% available to each of us if we know how to align ourselves with LIFE.

  1. Posture your body into extension which is the opposite of the position known as sitting (the new smoking). Look up, raise your arms and move them backward  behind your head. Hold 10 seconds and repeat.
  2. Breath deeply from your diaphram. This means your belly goes out and as your lungs fill up your chest does too. Be conscious of the air in you sinus cavities. Repeat.
  3. Drink water. The formula for this is to drink 1/2 your body weigh in ounces daily. Repeat
  4. Your neck has a special arch when posture is open and relaxed as in #1 above. To reinforce this take a rolled up towel and place it behind your neck, hold both ends and pull downward as you tilt your chin toward the sky. Do this for 10 seconds. Repeat.
  5. Take five minutes and google www.Ideal to learn more about your arch of life. For more information on my approach to health click here:

Creating core health is simply a process of making continuous improvements every day while having a mindset that fully accepts everything about your life in the past and NOW. More about this next time!

Happy Thanks giving



Dynamic Life Connection = Personal Health Creation

I am so excited for you because you are here reading these important ideas. These ideas will give you the inspiration to create relationships. These relationships will reinforce your commitment to grow your most valuable asset. What are your values? My primary value is life connection.  Over the past year while I have been developing my Dinner WITH DOC meetings it has been very clear that the most valuable asset is life itself flowing in the human body.

I know this seems obvious BUT no one understands how this works. Very few of us grasp the importance of a fully functional body. What is that? Simple! Fully means without lack. Functional means that which causes the desired results to show up. When we get hurt or stressed, we lose life connection, our quality and quantity of function is compromised.  This leads to dis-ease. Disease is when organs go too fast and/or too slow.  These fluxuations cause changes in brain to body communications and or body to brain requests. What happens when functions shut down? We move away from our life connection. This connection is our only true life insurance. The fully connected body has adequate flow of Innate Intelligence between the magnificent brain and the awesome variety of cells and tissues. The power of Life is due to this inherent flow of incomprehensible wisdom in action through the spinal organ of communication.

Just what do I mean by the term Life Connection?

  1. The loss of connection to life is called Spinal Subluxation
  2. Spinal subluxation is a misalignment that reduces life expression between brain and body and vice versa.
  3. Subluxation is caused by continuous emotional tensions, chemical toxins and the most underrated stress which is physical traumas.
  4. Spinal subluxation can be either symptomatic in organ malfunction or may have no signs or symptoms whatsoever.
  5. The subluxation detection and correction specialists are your local chiropractor who is trained in the art of specific spinal adjustment. Chiropractors adjust to correct causes of life disconnection due to spinal subluxation.

Who Am I? Why am I here? What are Educated and Innate?

  • Laying the foundation for understanding of healing from inside-out vs fixing or treating from outside-in.
  • How old is Innate? What is Educated?  (Quotes below at taken from ‘Inhibitions Starve History’ by B.J. Palmer 1946)

“You and I as units carry two mentalities, intellectualities, personalities – Innate and educated.”

“Innate is complete and functions perfectly. Innate comes FINISHED AND WHOLE at birth.  But educated BEGINS at birth.”

“Two of us live in the same house”. Each uses senses…acts and reacts upon them. At so-called death we lose education. What becomes of Innate? Who knows?”

“We like to and want to believe many futures of glorious character!  Many people BELIEVE which implies doubt rather than KNOW . ”

“When you doubt your POWER you empower your doubt” – Honore de Balzac.

(When you only believe this means you’d really like to know… really. BUT you don’t quite have that level of certainty yet.) Think for example that you don’t believe the Sun will come up; you know it will. Feel the difference within yourself and then consider how the frequency of belief is totally different from that of knowing.  Consider how this reality will impact your body’s healing process and your goal setting for that matter. Would you rather believe your condition is healing or KNOW it is?  The living body is governed by natural law. Why is it that our schooling largely ignores this fact? My first time being exposed to the notion of Innate Intelligence was in live presentations by the first chiropractors I met.  Dr. B.J. Palmer was a highly disciplined individual who wrote a series of books during his life about the philosophy, science and art his father introduced to the world. He dedicated his life to the study of health and dis-ease.  Do you know that Dr Palmer also operated the Clearview Sanitorium, an in-patient mental health facility, in Davenport Iowa?

When introducing Innate, B.J. Palmer the developer of the chiropractic profession would put it this way “This hunk of matter called man carries with himself an intellectual SUPER -man; the Innate. This hunk of matter called man also carries within himself an educated – a baby by comparison- which begins zero at birth and accumulates whatever capable of absolving. correlating, digesting-some more some less, some little other’s much.”

“Two thinking mentalities at work. (B.J. would refer to himself as ‘we’)  One works 24 hours a day; the other sleeps approximately 8 to 10 hours a day. The SUPER conscious giant mind works with within us with and for the benefit of the baby mind. Conscious or baby mind is worked upon and with by the super-conscious mind.  The giant mind works with baby mind to get baby mind to work with giant mind but reverse is never true.  One thing is certain: giant mind will never become baby mind.  One thing is hopeful: baby mind might some day reach heights of giant mind   Whenever such does happen genius is in our midst- “genius” as interpreted by the baby mind: ” being natural” as interpreted by the giant mind.”

“To the materialist, strict scientis, physicist, all talk about a super mind – an Innate- is rank anatomical and physiological heresy.  He ridicules itss possibility.   Yet the physician will ALWAYS say “NATURE  heals” the physician only assists NATURE”  He knows now explanation for  “NATURE” There is that inevitable golf beind which he denies. cannot affirm: admits in language, denies in prctice and cannot ignore-that something-that is ll. dies all which he cannot prove.

“To those of us who break down  an analysis of the component conditions many live with who think of man as a living quality of mentalities – one superior to other”; one possessing superior wisdom of the ages, the other; a mere fragment of the whole- we realize that one know all and gives much to the lesser. The superior mind is ALWAYS WILLING TO GIVE. It rejects most of the time, Now and then one person who SEEKS TO RECEIVE DOES RECEIVE and makes history in his chosen line of activity. This is the man who has learned how to release his inhibitions.

INHIBITIONS STARVE HISTORY. The Uninhibited MAKE History…or Everyone CAN make History.”