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What Is Healing? Do We Do it Or Do We Allow It?

What is healing? Is healing something that we need to do or is healing a natural property of all living things? Katherine says that its both. “For change to happen we usually have to do something” and we also have to understand what it is to allow.  The above link is relevant to this blog post.  Annie Brandt’s story is timely in my opinion. What an interesting title. “The Healing Platform” ‘Build Your Own Cure’.

I haven’t read it yet but here are some of my initial thoughts based on the Mercola interview and the accompanying article.  Remember that my profession is chiropractic. Know that everything I experience in my life is interpreted through my chiropractic perspective. So lets start with this title. My first comment is that there is evidence in this title of two completely antithethic philosophies…ie healing and curing. Do you see the contrast between these?

How do we get our heads around this? Again, healing is a natural regenerative process that is happening constantly in any living organism. Curing is something we must do. Healing is an innate process we may allow. Curing is a combination of medical therapies used with the intent, in this instance, to restore a person’s constitution to the state of its innate immune potential using a variety of lifestyle choices.

The totally confusing thing about this is in the words on the front cover of this breakthrough book.

  • ‘The Healing Platform”: refers to the Innate inherent process of natural self-repair.
  • “Build Your Own Cure”: What does cure mean?  Is the resolution of cancer about the art of curing or the science of healing?
  • “Discover What Thousands Have Done To Conquer Cancer”:  Are we focused on conquering the disorder called cancer or are we building up the inherent immune potentials with a combination of strategies? What is our focus? Who gets the credit?

Do you see what I am getting at here?  I think Katherine is right. There are two elements in the successful journey from disorder back into the state of order. One is the constant quality of Life flowing through all systems and tissues and sparking them into full expression. Anything stoping this is creating an environment for cancer to exist.  The other?  This is where all the confusion sets in. Chemotherapy for example, is the monetization of cancer treatment without accountability for the collateral damages. Where do we draw the line? Are we fighting the absence of health? Or are we, as allies of the eternally dwelling Life Force, advocates of its optimal expression.  Obviously there are a multitude of ways to support healing. But at what point does the intention shift from healing to the act or business of fixing and conquering?  One is a medical act and the other a natural phenomenon.  Can the two coexist in an harmonious way? Or is there always going to be the drama of politics and the inevitable abuses of power?



What Are The 5 Requirements For Success In Your Chiropractic Care?

“If you can be stopped you will be stopped.” (unknown)

  1. Learn and understand and take advantage of The Big Idea. The big idea of the chiropractic profession is summed up in this Major Premise. ” A Universal Intelligence  (UI) is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus  maintaining it in existence.” Here’s a simple way to understand this : If your body is created from one cell and was built into trillions of cells with all its parts in under four months; it is reasonable to say that the human body has within its power, the ability to self-heal and self-regulate.  Chiropractic calls this inherent power to organize and create order:  Innate Intelligence (II) II is an individual unit of UI.  This is not a religious concept. Is the Life Principle. Everything is connected to Source provided there is no interruption by interferences.  The principle of life permeating the body is similar to our awarness of gravity. We may not understand it completely but we don’t have to, for it to work in our lives.
  2. Go beyond symptom treatment for relief into health creation for release. Transcend the medication of dysfuntion into the expression of optimal function through your body’s primary operating system – your brain, spinal communications and peripheral nerves.
  3. Consider that the living body always has 100% of what is necessary to adapt
  4. Know that the more alive you are; the more authentic you can be in your one life.
  5. Understand that Sub-Lux-Ation=the state of less life expression. Admit that when you live a big life; your body is in constant need of tuning; like any musical instrument. Get your spine checked and adjusted regularly regardless of how you feel.