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Our office focuses on your ability to be healthy. Our goals are to first address the issues that brought you to this office, and second, offer the opportunity to improve your health potential in the future. In order to give you the best possible Chiropractic care, we will need to discover any 'stresses' that are placed on your body. Please take the time to fill out this form completely, as each question gives us a clearer picture of your current health status.

Reason for consulting this office

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When is the pain or symptoms worse:

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Do you sleep on your:

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How would you rate your stress level:

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Who else have you seen for this condition:   

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Please check all symptoms or areas where you have problems, even if they do not seem related to your current problem.

Do you drink bottled or filtered water:

Do you belong to a health club or exercises regularly:

If you remember the details, what was your birth delivery like (eg – breach, c section, long):

Have you had any or all of your childhood vaccinations?

Any reactions to vaccinations?

Please list all supplements and vitamins you take:

How would your rate your health:   

How committed are you to improving your health:   

Do you want to live to be a healthy 85 years old?   

What is ‘being healthy’ to you (check all that apply)?

What is your goal or expectations with Chiropractic care:

What is your goal or expectations with Chiropractic care:


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Health is significant, but not necessarily serious – we will do what we can to make each visit stress-free.

I hereby authorize the Doctor to examine and treat my condition as he deems appropriate through the use of Chiropractic Care and Nutritional Care, and I give authority for these procedures to be performed. I have been informed of the Clinic's financial policy and agree that I am responsible for all bills incurred at this office. I have had an opportunity to review the privacy policy and agree to its terms.

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