What is health? Obviously this state of Being would include optimum or full function of all your body’s cells and systems and more. The W.H.O. constitution’s definition (1948) states that health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social (spiritual) well-being and not merely the absence of disease or

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What Is Natural Healing?

The words natural and healing are both huge concepts. Obviously these two concepts are interdependent. This may be the reason that some insist on pairing them. I must ask the questions. What is nature? And…What is healing. Without taking the time to consult Google, lets think about this for a

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What Is The Life Principle? How Does It Relieve Pain?

OK, here we go. If you are reading this, you must be into personal development. What does personal development have to do with growing your and your family’s health? Good question! I mention pain in the title above. What is pain? Pain is often a symptom that something is under

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Is It CoINcidence OR Is It CoinCIDEnce?

You know what? I get tired of people using the term coincidence to indicate that when things happen there is no meaning because its “just a coincidence” The way I see the Universe is that everything has a meaning; including the seemingly random occurrence of nearly simultaneous events. Can you

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Why Do Some Of Us Get Sick And Others Not So Much?

Obviously depending on your perspective there can be many different answers to this question. Why do some seem more prone to inheriting diseases than their siblings do? Is is possible they inherited the predisposition for the disease and because their environment was the same as the parent? Why doesn’t their

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The Five Kaizens Of Health

Last week I was interviewed on Rogers for Georgina Life. This was my first opportunity to sit on the “big red couch” and chat with Jordan and Amanda. My topic was how to raise the bar or move the needle when in comes to creating health in our community. Our

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Dynamic Life Connection = Personal Health Creation

I am so excited for you because you are here reading these important ideas. These ideas will give you the inspiration to create relationships. These relationships will reinforce your commitment to grow your most valuable asset. What are your values? My primary value is life connection. Over the past year

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Alert! When Drugs Are Used With Children It Can Be Life Threatening!

Here is a link that all parents with ADHD children need to listen to. This story is self=evident in its scope and relevance There are few pharmaceutical strategies parents need to know before subjecting our youth to the toxicity of drug therapy. Without doubt the mos powerful one is

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Source Is Primary or…How Stuff Works!

B.J. Palmer – the developer of our chiropractic profession wrote this in 1946. “You and I are. We did not happen. We are a result. We are replicas of many who have gone before. We represent a pattern.” In this pattern everything is properly placed. started running, and keeps on

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Who Am I? Why am I here? What are Educated and Innate?

Laying the foundation for understanding of healing from inside-out vs fixing or treating from outside-in. How old is Innate? What is Educated? (Quotes below at taken from ‘Inhibitions Starve History’ by B.J. Palmer 1946) “You and I as units carry two mentalities, intellectualities, personalities – Innate and educated.” “Innate is

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What Is The Leading Cause Of Disease And Early Death?

Would you rather have a back problem or a brain problem? I’m not “beating around the bush” in this blog post. We haven’t got the time to waste while losing our most valuable asset. So alright; which is your most valuable asset? Everyone says its their health. If you ask

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Which Do You Have; A Back And Neck Ache Or A Brain Problem?

How do I explain what I have learned about health and healing to a community like ours that really needs leadership? Simple. Tell the truth right?  Take this for example. I receive a postcard notice in the mail entitled FAITH-HOPE-LOVE on July 14-16th. So here’s my response as a leader

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How Do You Get The Best Value From Your Chiropractic Care?

The biggest challenge to understanding health or body function properly is to be responsible for yourself. Nathaniel Branden was a psychotherapist who coined the term “self esteem.” One day Dr. Branden was asked what the primary secret to mastering self esteem was. His immediate answer was…”You must accept full responsibility

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What Is Healing And How does it Work?

If we can ask a question, we have the answer inside us. However, having the answer does not mean we are ready to access and receive it. Healing is a natural result of the unobstructed flow of Life through our body and mind. Healing is happening 100% of the time.

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