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Are You 100%? Does Your Neck Move The Way You’d Like It To?

E-Health News

 How would proper neck movement change your life?

  1. You would be able to check your blind spot better while driving.
  2. You would be more comfortable and productive at home, at play and at work.
  3. Because your neck has brain sensors, your brain’s function would be faster and much more clear.

If you would like to experience better spinal movement and less discomfort, go to my website to schedule you no charge consultation at

I know from over 30 years in practice that stretching is lacking in most peoples lives. Enjoy this link to a demonstration of ‘The Five Tibetans’, a simple way of moving your body into a healthier younger state.

Are you ready to experience a simple test that shows how well your body is adapting to your life? I invite you to attend  Monday Night Live. Every Monday from 7 to 7:30 pm,  MNL  includes an actual demonstration of the most recent health innovation in the world of health measurement technologies called Heart Rate Variability.

Thanks for your trust and confidence in my health creation services.

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What If A Healthy Body Was Enough To Restore All Its Functions?

What If?

By Dr. Bob Pike, chiropracTOR

What if every specific chiropractic spinal adjustment to correct subluxation changed life expression in each patient? What if an adjustment to restore spinal nerve communication, movement and remove misalignment was enough? What if normal control from the brain to the body was enough to produce amazing resources? What if bringing cells to 100% function in the human body by proper living choices was enough? What if for example correcting common spinal malfunctions improved the whole body’s function? What if eating well and breathing deeply with a happy heart did the same?

What if the brain with its 10 trillion cells was in full communication with the 70 trillion cell in a human body? What if this lasted for say one whole day without any interference or distortion?  Would this simple feat truly be enough to allow operation of all of your and your child’s body’s myriad functions.  Wouldn’t this state also include full adaptation to the environment by your body’s natural immune system?  This natural immunity has been flawlessly acquired over hundreds of centuries of training and unadulterated use in all conditions.  This complete natural protection is not experimental.  Nature’s full inherent immune capacities are such that no artificial, quasi-scientific chemical experimentation would ever be considered much less injected into human infants.  To think this would ever be mandated by schools at measurable risk to each child in their charge would be deemed preposterous. What if true herd immunity had been achieved over the first 12,000 years of human existence? Who would ever want to mess with the only completely natural system of immunity for our children? Isn’t it a fact our natural immunity has been forged over centuries and centuries of living adaptation experimentation this very planet?  What if 100% function and HEALTH were the same? WHAT IF?

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What Is Sensory Processing Disorder In Children?

The language of health is changing quickly. Why? Because the notion of the state of HEALTH is under attack. I had a practice member in Toronto in the late 80s  who wrote a screenplay entitled “Where The Spirit Lives“.  You may remember that the First Nations were under attack by our government in days past.  What was the first agenda of those religious schools which abducted first nations  children from their families… from their homes? The first tactic was to prevent them from speaking their native language. Can you imagine what that felt like to these young people?  Why did this happen you rightly ask? My contention as a primary health care provider in this brief article is that the same tactic is being used today in modern day health care.  Before we can understand this new war; we must explore the modern methods of language invention and its purpose. For example the term autism, ADD and ADHD is now being called  S.P.D. or sensory processing disorder. Listen to this\

We learned in school that we have five senses; but we have at least two more that must work for the brain to be fully connected to the sensory information from the body. These are proprioception and the vestibular system of the inner ear.  The way to think about these important sensory systems is this. Your body has passive, active and interactive or control systems. Examples of each are bone, muscle and the central nervous systems.  What is at both ends of a bone. Joints which are filled with different kinds of neuro-sensors that give the brain detailed information of where the body is in space so we don’t bump into things. These mechano and pressure sensors in the joints are essential for our brains to guide body safely using its muscles.

When the chiropracTOR does a spinal adjustment the outcome is that the brain instantly receives increased input from the massively complex of spinal system sensors. When the brain is properly connected to these sensors, it is more able to properly adapt in daily living. This is the role the chiropracTIC profession plays in the restoration of the brain to body communications.  Back pain relief represents under 1 percent of the value of chiropractic adjustment.  In the above interview the reporter stated that kids are either over or under sensitive neurologically. The role of the ‘occupational therapist’ is therefore to stimulate or inhibit these children in the treatment of their P.S.D. It is very important to understand that the body by design has its own internal intelligence or innate guidance system. This is the distinction which chiropractic brings to the table in the care of these children. The chiropractor doesn’t have to “treat” the condition. The chiropractor is trained to give the body a specific spinal adjustment. This changes the function of the nervous system in each child allowing their inherent guidance to express itself more fully bringing resolution of these increasingly common disorders in today’s radically medicalized world.

At Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre  (www.pikechiropractic. com) we use modern neuro-spinal measurements done by state of the art technologies including Heart Rate Variability (H.R.V.)  The majority of people are living in the state of stress induced fight or flight response to daily challenges. We are not designed to have these high stress states bombarding our brains constantly.

The result of this neurological overwhelm is the state described above of Sensory Processing Disorder.  Once the spinal communication system is properly adjusted by a fully trained chiropractor; the sensory disorder resolves into neurological order. Thus the state of dis-ease improves back into EASE.  When you see your child experience this shift you will understand the profound difference between the ‘treatment’ of S.P.D. and the actual correction of its cause within the child’s disturbed neurological system.




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Three Ways To Beat Stress And Live Clear and Connected

 E-Health News

I attended the second meeting last week of the Innate Chiropractic Society.  What has this to do with you and your most valuable possession –your health? Everything. Most of us don’t ever think about how amazing our body is.

In this BLOG I am going to teach you three ways to increase your body’s ability to adapt to the stress of LIFE. Remember, your body doesn’t judge whether an stress is good or bad; its just a stress and it reacts the same to both eustress and distress. The exception to this is possible or actual tissue damage which bombards the brain with toxic sensory information.

But first some background facts for you to ponder.  Your body has three different systems which interact:


Each of the three stress freedom techniques I am going to comment on are connected to these systems when you do them.

Think about how you move. You decide to go over there and the ACTIVE muscles pull on the PASSIVE bones. What is at both ends of a bone? Joints. What is in these joints? CONTROL SENSORS.  What are these for? Well your body’s CONTROL system is the brain and its nerve communication system. These sensors send detailed information about where your body is to the CONTROL.  Do you know that there are sensors for everything. There are pressure, mechanical, toxic, temperature and even tissue damage sensors. Information from these is prioritized and the brain get this sensory input almost instantly before everything else. This information actually travels through the learning centres on its way to the frontal cortex.

Ok; I don’t want to bore you  Obviously most of the movement sensors are in the spinal column. Can you see more clearly why the chiropractic adjustment to keep your spinal system clear and connected is important to your overall health?

Here are those three ways to beat stress:

  1. PASSIVE: The principle for healthy bones is to use them. Wolfe’s Law states that as a bone is used it actually becomes more dense and so stronger. Of course, the opposite is equally true. So take walks, swim and be active.
  2. ACTIVE: The principle with having healthy joints is based on use. This involves time and repetition. Yoga, T’ai Chi and Chi Gong are all ancient systems of movement which must be repeated once they are learned. This is why working out is a lifestyle and not a one and done thing. It also helps to have a teacher and someone to do the activity with us for accountability. Otherwise it is too easy for our lazy bones ego to stay in bed.
  3. CONTROL: The control system is a little tricky to think about. Our brain is the organ inside the skull which receives and sends messages and energy from and to the body’s cells and organs. How can we keep out brain at its best? The principle here is neuroplasticity. What is this? The brain is always learning from its experiences or what we use it for. As a chiropractor I can tell you that the healthier your spine is; the healthier your brain is.  And the more functional our brain the better EVERYTHING else works.  The other aspect of this CONTROL level we call the mind. I will simply say that our mindset controls our life journey. The best state for your mind is HAPPY.

I trust you enjoyed October’s issue of E-Health News and that it will change your life for the better.  Have a wonderful day and rest of October.

Yours for Healing at the speed of LIFE,

Dr. Bob PIke

ps: If you’d like to have your CONTROL SENSORS measured on our Millenium Subluxation Station; by referring to this BLOG you will be illegible for this service.  Just call or email me to arrange a 15 minute appointment for you and your family.

Dr. Bob Pike D.C.

204 Simcoe Ave, Suite 10

Keswick, ON L4P 3S6








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Brain Stress Due to Spinal Misalignment Increases Inflammation And Aging

  Brain Stress Increases Inflammation And Aging.

Why is it that ‘age-ing’ is defined in the dictionary and ‘youth-ing’ isn’t?

AGING: acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time {like wine and cheese.}
                   growing old and
              :the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age
The obvious question to me is why isn’t the opposite of aging defined in our dictionaries?
My theory is that ‘they’ don’t want you to know that YOUTHING IS POSSIBLE. Chiropractic is founded
on the principle that your body is constantly replacing and healing its tissues. I wonder why we can’t live forever as this self-healing is always happening? Could it be something we have forgotten? Most of my practice members know that they are younger after each spinal adjustment. You can watch their video testimonials here.
Yesterday my monthly E-Health NEWS email blast went out. to my list. It was entitled
The 3 Steps To Health Freedom
1. We can choose to create a mindset that works in present time.
2  We can take action only in the present moment.
3. Our true identity is alive only in the present.
I use each of these powerful insights each time I adjust the spine and nervous system in our adjustment suite.
1. My mindset is in gratitude for the privilege.
2. All chiropractic adjustments are in done P.T.C.
3. Obviously the present moment is sacred.
Enjoy your weekend.
I will be taking the first week of September off
Thank you for reading this blog. Please become a Facebook fan of Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre if you feel resonance with my writing.
Yours for Health,
Dr. Bob Pike



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What Is Healing? Do We Do it Or Do We Allow It?

What is healing? Is healing something that we need to do or is healing a natural property of all living things? Katherine says that its both. “For change to happen we usually have to do something” and we also have to understand what it is to allow.  The above link is relevant to this blog post.  Annie Brandt’s story is timely in my opinion. What an interesting title. “The Healing Platform” ‘Build Your Own Cure’.

I haven’t read it yet but here are some of my initial thoughts based on the Mercola interview and the accompanying article.  Remember that my profession is chiropractic. Know that everything I experience in my life is interpreted through my chiropractic perspective. So lets start with this title. My first comment is that there is evidence in this title of two completely antithethic philosophies…ie healing and curing. Do you see the contrast between these?

How do we get our heads around this? Again, healing is a natural regenerative process that is happening constantly in any living organism. Curing is something we must do. Healing is an innate process we may allow. Curing is a combination of medical therapies used with the intent, in this instance, to restore a person’s constitution to the state of its innate immune potential using a variety of lifestyle choices.

The totally confusing thing about this is in the words on the front cover of this breakthrough book.

  • ‘The Healing Platform”: refers to the Innate inherent process of natural self-repair.
  • “Build Your Own Cure”: What does cure mean?  Is the resolution of cancer about the art of curing or the science of healing?
  • “Discover What Thousands Have Done To Conquer Cancer”:  Are we focused on conquering the disorder called cancer or are we building up the inherent immune potentials with a combination of strategies? What is our focus? Who gets the credit?

Do you see what I am getting at here?  I think Katherine is right. There are two elements in the successful journey from disorder back into the state of order. One is the constant quality of Life flowing through all systems and tissues and sparking them into full expression. Anything stoping this is creating an environment for cancer to exist.  The other?  This is where all the confusion sets in. Chemotherapy for example, is the monetization of cancer treatment without accountability for the collateral damages. Where do we draw the line? Are we fighting the absence of health? Or are we, as allies of the eternally dwelling Life Force, advocates of its optimal expression.  Obviously there are a multitude of ways to support healing. But at what point does the intention shift from healing to the act or business of fixing and conquering?  One is a medical act and the other a natural phenomenon.  Can the two coexist in an harmonious way? Or is there always going to be the drama of politics and the inevitable abuses of power?


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What Are The 5 Requirements For Success In Your Chiropractic Care?

“If you can be stopped you will be stopped.” (unknown)

  1. Learn and understand and take advantage of The Big Idea. The big idea of the chiropractic profession is summed up in this Major Premise. ” A Universal Intelligence  (UI) is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus  maintaining it in existence.” Here’s a simple way to understand this : If your body is created from one cell and was built into trillions of cells with all its parts in under four months; it is reasonable to say that the human body has within its power, the ability to self-heal and self-regulate.  Chiropractic calls this inherent power to organize and create order:  Innate Intelligence (II) II is an individual unit of UI.  This is not a religious concept. Is the Life Principle. Everything is connected to Source provided there is no interruption by interferences.  The principle of life permeating the body is similar to our awarness of gravity. We may not understand it completely but we don’t have to, for it to work in our lives.
  2. Go beyond symptom treatment for relief into health creation for release. Transcend the medication of dysfuntion into the expression of optimal function through your body’s primary operating system – your brain, spinal communications and peripheral nerves.
  3. Consider that the living body always has 100% of what is necessary to adapt
  4. Know that the more alive you are; the more authentic you can be in your one life.
  5. Understand that Sub-Lux-Ation=the state of less life expression. Admit that when you live a big life; your body is in constant need of tuning; like any musical instrument. Get your spine checked and adjusted regularly regardless of how you feel.

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Chiropractic Is The Life Principle Paradigm In Action

I trust everyone is viewing Episode 10 of Vaccines Revealed before it is taken down later this evening. We have come to the point in time that we can finally give ourselves permission to think without the imposed fear-based manipulations used by the forces in control of the outside-in sickness treatment/prevention paradigm.  That’s correct. We are now and always have been in the era of the Inside-out health paradigm and not the era of the commercial outside-in sickness paradigm of treatments and vaccinations.

How does this play out in chiropractic adjustment? To understand this you must be willing to accept the concept that the nervous system in the human body is a primary operational coordinator of all tissues and systems inside our incredible human body. Let me give you an example you will relate to.  This month a person came into my care who has been receiving chiropractic care for over ninety years. This person had recently chosen to undergo a medical procedure. The medical provider admitted to this person that this was the first time he had ever performed this procedure on someone of their age. My point in this one case involving a lifetime chiropractic advocate is that when you make the commitment to include specific scientific chiropractic adjustments to keep your body as fully connected to its Source as possible; anything is possible. This (health) is not complicated. Spinal misalignments can stop or distort your body’s life force flow. Chiropracitc adjustments done precisely can turn life back on. Anyone in the sickness treatment paradigm will reflexly criticise the power of scientific specific spinal chiropractic adjustments because this profession is outside of the medical paradigm as has been  stated above.

The new paradigm of health care is embedded in this short case study.  When you invest in building your health by optimizing your connection to Source, you are creating something much more powerful than any type of sickness treatment strategy. As I stated in my previous blog this week;  the difference is in the human body’s Innate inherent ability to self-regulate, to self organize and to self-heal.

I have a scoop for you, Dr. Gentempo has made Episode 3 available to you until midnight Jan 25th.

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What is health? Obviously this state of Being would include optimum or full function of all your body’s cells and systems and more. The W.H.O. constitution’s definition (1948) states that health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social (spiritual) well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” How is this state possible? This question can be answered two ways; but only one is correct. This is because full function (including self-regeneration) is an attribute of Nature, the magical  environment in which we are living. What is magic? Magic is the ‘realization’ by natural processes which if we cannot yet conceive of, we can’t see and so cannot appreciate. I’ve always been intrigued by the irony that live spelled backwards is evil.  If we don’t yet ‘see’ ourselves as magical (spiritual) beings; there is much about life that we can’t understand. The reason we can’t understand life is because we don’t truly do it. That’s how natural law works.  What we don’t Do we cannot fully KNOW.  So instead of knowing what it means to live now (in the endless present moment) we are unconsciously locked in an habitual state of belief which at best is only our sincere desire to know about life.  This unconscious mistake in our choice of identity ‘naturally’ spawns evil experiences from how we have ‘lived’ which is, of course, devil spelled backwards.

Why is our choice of identity important? Well because, obviously we as Beings who are also human; are magic. Whoa your educated mind may say. But let me be clear.  The state of being alive is something we did learn a little about in biology, but we didn’t learn anything about what it takes to live a life. Above I insinuated that to live in reverse is evil.  What does this mean? Well this is the opposite of what life does. Life is an inside-out process that always happens in the present moment. Evil is an outside-in demonstration or manipulation that is ‘out of order’ or a disorder manifesting during the same present moment. Because it isn’t consistent with life’s way; when human beings allow evil as their expression, this choice must necessarily create destruction, imbalance, disorganization and disorder in our lives and yes also in our physical body. Do you see where this is heading?

Above in the title is part of my solution. Lets R.A.P! We are capable of becoming part of the solution because we are actually magical living beings. This simple fact is forgotten by most of us soon after our birth. Further; our true identity has been omitted in our education and distorted in our religions. So how do we create the sacred state of health? We must learn to allow it by being both who and what we are because we know our WHY. We, you and I, are invisible life moving through visible matter. Time is an illusion. The proof of this is that the only ‘time’ we can DO anthing is now. R is to release. A is to adapt. P is to proclaim. We know health when we deliberately release our mind into being here now. Our body, when it is fully alive, will adapt with the full potential of its innate capabilities in every way necessary. As spiritual Beings we can choose to proclaim what we know because we have lived it on purpose and not by accident.  My unique promise and my chosen purpose as a chiropractor is to allow this process in those who come to me in every specific, scientific adjustment I perform. #pikechiropractichealingcentre

This weekend was the final opportunity to experience the”Vaccines Revealed” campaign. If you desire to own this content for yourself here is the link.

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Happy New Years From Pike Chiropractic. Release, Adapt and Prevent to grow Health.

Thanks for viewing this Blog today

How can I give you the best I have to give for an happy, healthy, successful and magical 2017?

Well, I have been creating and organizing a new chiropractic culture at PCHC for each month of this year.  It will include Getting Better Faster Orientations twice a month on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6:30 pm.  It will include Mom’s Tribe on two Wednesdays per month at 1:3o pm. Also every month we will offer advanced classes focussing on Stress and the 3Ts!   (R.A.P. or Release, Adapt and Prevent for short).

T#1 is Tensions:  How to release subluxation at the mental and emotional levels of Consciousness (my favourite).

T#2 is Traumas: How to adapt to gravity when you have suffered injuries from living with gravity all your life.

T#3 is Toxins: How to prevent organ damage and autotoxicity through logical nutritional choices.

These advanced classes will have a seasonal flavour such as recovering from too much turkey and sweets over the Christmas holidays! Sometimes there will be a special presentation like a movie at the GEM, special guest or an event that you will be invited to engage with… For example next month, from Jan 10th to 18th you and your circle of friends will have access to watch a nocharge online docu-series, ‘Vaccines Revealed’.  Here is the link-

I need to add at this point that once I learned of this January 8 day event yesterday; I posted it to three Georgina groups to which I’m connected.  Within minutes a woman referred to me as a “quack” which is a derogatory term referring to someone pretending to be a medical expert.  An equally immature  reaction to this would have been to consider such a person a sheep. Websters defines sheep as “timid defenseless creature” or “a timid docile person”.  A new term – ‘sheople’ is my current favourite for this crowd.  I won’t stand for any lame misperceptions of chiropractic as something less than medicine. We all need to be clear that the two professions are as different as apples and oranges. Medicine is the treatment and/or supression of symptoms using phamaceuticals or surgery and allopathic MT (manual thereapies). Chiropractic is the art, science and philosophy of increasing health by removing interferences to the flow of life through the nervous system connecting the brain with the body.  We don’t have time to be disrespectful of either approach as in the world we are living in at this time, both are essential!
Today is Thurday Dec 29th. I will do my best to blog every week on Thursdays unless of course, I have nothing to bring to you; in which case I will blog that fact as creatively as I’m able.

The first Getting Better Faster is Jan 5th at 6:30pm here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre.  Please check my website for activities and events you’d like to attend and follow directions. Here’s to a great year!

Wishing you and yours the best of the best during 2017.

In excited anticipation,

Dr. Bob Pike

ps: Thanks for sharing this with others like you who know as we do that there is more to life and living than meets the eye.

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cell: 289-383-1811