“Happier, less pain, better understanding of ADJUSTMENT”

I love sharing this testimonial with you as it contains so much wisdom. WHY did this woman in her early seventies decide to ‘try’ chiropractic again after twenty years? BECAUSE she noticed that her “normal activities were “harder to do without pain.” WHAT confirmed for her that chiropractic was working?

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What Does Peace Have To Do With Our Health?

Why is PEACE an essential state to master? Because! Because most of us spend our lives being crucified between two thieves, regret of the past and fear of the future. Why is this so? Why do we let these two thieves steal away our only present? And what does present

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“More Positive, More Energy, Less Headaches”

Which of those aspects in the title above is the most important? Well whose asking? Different things are meaningful to different people.  And how can chiropractic adjustments make them all happen for that matter?  You are an energetic being within a living human body. Your body has a central operating

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