What Is Your Core Score?

Here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre we measure your results! I’m posting this CORESCORE record to show how we do this. You can see below that the Corescore is a measure of brain to body communication that is constantly happening along the spine in a healthy physical body. This is

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Health Is Not Merely The Absence Of Symptoms.

Good day. Do you understand what the title of this post means? The World Health Organization stated in 1948 that health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Do we see our role in this?  Do you see

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“Before Chiropractic: suffered bad seasonal allergies, weekly injections. After Chiropractic: “his weekly adjustment stops symptoms cold” calmer and happier”.

  We are coming into ALLERGY SEASON. From Michael’s family this testimonial is PROOF of the effectiveness of VITALISTIC CHIROPRACTIC CARE to increase his natural immunity in his case of “bad allergies”. He went from weekly drug injections plus antihistamines to upon re-testing: “He still has them”. But after his

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“I Have More Energy And Better Health”.

I believe your body is designed to work 100% as long as it is kept properly tuned!  What happens when your perfect body is out of tune? SYMPTOMS THAT’S WHAT.  So why do we treat the symptoms instead of restoring the body’s settings? YOU NEED TO HAVE THE ULTIMATE TUNE

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My Workouts Are Less Painful!

Stenosis Is Not A Life Sentence When You Use The Pike Chiropractic Healing System This patient now has less back pain. His lower spine “releases” with his adjustments and best of all his “workouts are less painful”. Check out his testimonial below. Call us for your personal experience to prove

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“He (Chiropractic) Has Helped Me To Get Back To My Life”!

Dr. Pike’s Insights Into The Chiropractic Lifestyle by Dr. Bob Pike D.C. Keswick, Ontario, Please scroll down, read the report card take a look at my comments to know why life is better with chiropractic Do you have sleep difficulties, persistent headaches and “severe” lower back pains that may stop

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After My First Adjustment, I am “Pleased and hopeful”

Insights By Dr. Pike Into The Chiropractic LIfestyle  (Inspired by testimonials about Dr. Bob Pike) Thank you for visiting Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre website and taking a moment to read my blog. The powerful testimonial below make me wish I could remember who this “41 year old man” is. I’ve

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“Less Neck And Back Pain, Less Need To Crack My Neck”

Chiropractic Insights…For Your Life by Dr. Bob Pike   How would you explain what an orange tastes like to someone?  It is the same challenge I face with every one I meet and all new patients here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. How do I explain what freedom from dis-ease

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