“I feel Good And Look So I Must BE Good Right? … NOT!

Question! Isn’t it possible That this person’s “minor aches” from almost 20 car accidents are the the tip of the iceberg? All precision tools and musical instruments must be tuned regularly. This is the reason for Chiropractic adjustments  Chiropractic care tunes the body’s organ of communication and optimizes the function

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“How Just One Adjustment Made Me Feel Much Better”!

Teenager: “My Body Was Very Stiff and I Couldn’t Move Around Very Well”.  Why would a teenager feel this way? Because their body was less alive than it was designed to be, that’s why.   In our world this is also known as STRESS. (The attached study below will teach you

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Do You Feel More Tense? Why?

Do you believe that your existence is dependent on connection to your Source? If so, would you agree that the better your connection to Source is, the less tense your life will be? Over the years in my work as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), I have witnessed a trend

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The Heart Of Courage

Happy Valentines week! I’m sure you know the word heart in french is “cour “. As the word courage symbolizes, it is our heart that is the source of our bravery as we embrace the opportunity of living this life. How can we make our heart stronger? We do this

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The Chiropractic Advantage For ALL Who Suffer From Back Pain

It doesn’t matter if you have neck pain, a stitch in your shoulder blade or daily low back ache. Chiropractic gives you a scientifically valid advantage over most symptoms including back pains. In fact, chiropractic is 123 years ahead of the medical profession in the field of health care. For

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What If A Healthy Body Was Enough To Restore All Its Functions?

What if every specific chiropractic spinal adjustment to correct subluxation changed life expression in each patient? What if an adjustment to restore spinal nerve communication, movement and remove misalignment was enough? What if normal control from the brain to the body was enough to produce amazing resources? What if bringing

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What Is Sensory Processing Disorder In Children?

The language of health is changing quickly. Why? Because the notion of the state of HEALTH is under attack. I had a practice member in Toronto in the late 80s who wrote a screenplay entitled “Where The Spirit Lives“. You may remember that the First Nations were under attack by

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Three Ways To Beat Stress And Live Clear and Connected

I attended the second meeting last week of the Innate Chiropractic Society. What has this to do with you and your most valuable possession –your health? Everything. Most of us don’t ever think about how amazing our body is. In this BLOG I am going to teach you three ways

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What Is Healing? Do We Do it Or Do We Allow It?

What is healing? Is healing something that we need to do or is healing a natural property of all living things? Katherine says that its both. “For change to happen we usually have to do something” and we also have to understand what it is to allow. The above link

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Chiropractic Is The Life Principle Paradigm In Action

I trust everyone is viewing Episode 10 of Vaccines Revealed before it is taken down later this evening. We have come to the point in time that we can finally give ourselves permission to think without the imposed fear-based manipulations used by the forces in control of the outside-in sickness

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