What Does Peace Have To Do With Our Health?

Why is PEACE an essential state to master? Because! Because most of us spend our lives being crucified between two thieves, regret of the past and fear of the future. Why is this so? Why do we let these two thieves steal away our only present? And what does present

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“More Positive, More Energy, Less Headaches”

Which of those aspects in the title above is the most important? Well whose asking? Different things are meaningful to different people.  And how can chiropractic adjustments make them all happen for that matter?  You are an energetic being within a living human body. Your body has a central operating

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“Did Not Know About Chiropractic Care’.

  This case is very typical of how things play out in most chiropractic offices. Why do I say this? Because this woman having her second sciatic episode in 10 years, “didn’t know about chiropractic care”. The first thing I will say to this fact is that its not her

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“Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Better And Better”.

“Around a century ago a Frenchman named Emile Coue coined a phrase that could change your life. … Coue was a psychologist and pharmacist who believed that most mental and physical illness was a result of the person’s thinking.” These two quote are very relevant to you living your best possible life. This weekend I am attending Alignment 2019 in Toronto. I will

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“Sleeping Better”. “Feeling Balanced”.

Health is every human being’s normal state. The people in my chiropractic healing practice experience exactly what this middle aged male describes below. After 10 years of regular adjustments his neck and back feel more “balanced” and “flexible”. This is why chiropractic care has been referred to as ‘instant yoga’

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Wellness Approach

The fibromyalgia sufferers are plagued by repetitive “muscular pains, weakness, and pains” that “allow for only a limited quality of LIFE”. Chiropractic adjustments are the perfect solution for people who feel the need for increasing their connection to LIFE. Why is this so? When we adjust the spine the input

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“Loss Of Pain. Feeling Almost Human Again”..

Pain is so often the reason for people showing up at the chiropractor.  This patient was suffering with advanced disc degeneration which had become chronic over the years. We were able to help her to suffer less with a system she obviously appreciated. Unfortunately with those who are long suffering;

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What Is Your Core Score?

Here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre we measure your results! I’m posting this CORESCORE record to show how we do this. You can see below that the Corescore is a measure of brain to body communication that is constantly happening along the spine in a healthy physical body. This is

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Health Is Not Merely The Absence Of Symptoms.

Good day. Do you understand what the title of this post means? The World Health Organization stated in 1948 that health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Do we see our role in this?  Do you see

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“I Felt Like An Old Woman”. “Now I have more confidence in my ability to attempt activities that I had ceased to take part in. I Have Renewed Overall Confidence In Everyday Life! I Was Afraid And Did Not Believe That My Condition Could Be Healed” Now “Much More Freedom In Movement And Far Less Pain.

If I could give you an example of the attitude most people have inside about their own worth and healing potential; this case would be it.  We tend to slowly slip into acceptance of our perceived fate. “I felt like an old woman” sums it up.

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