I like “the way you check for subluxations when I arrive adjust and recheck again before I leave.”

Some day soon everyone will know what SUBLUXATION MEANS. Some day the importance of a fully functioning body will be highly valued by everyone who has one.

This woman saw other chiropractors before coming to our Keswick  location at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. When I accept new patients into our centre they begin a learning curve to teach them what health is and where it comes from. Only then can the new word SUB-LUX-ATION become familiar and meaningful to them.

In our office the purpose of our chiropractic adjustments is to stop subluxation from happening in a person’s spine. Subluxation is a NEUROLOGICAL DISTURBANCE that causes a decrease in the quality and quantity of nerve signals moving along the spinal column between the cells and systems of the body and the brain that is controlling it.




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