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“I felt like I was losing my life with constant pain and headaches. I feel like I’m getting my life back”.

This young mother has been seeing us for chiropractic care for 22 years.  Her story is clearly told below. The funniest thing happened when we were doing her son’s thermal spinal scan to assess brain stress.  I asked the four and a half year old boy what controls your body? His answer?…Gravol! Good answer Sawyer […]

Chiropractic Profession makes the daring leap into the realm of “neural pattern”. (1895 – 2019)

UNPRECEDENTED PROGRESS INTO THE ART OF TRUE HEALTH CARE BY THE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION as discussed by Dr. Simon Senzon in his recent papers on the questionable ethics of past misinterpretations and errors which have been (mis)used as unsupported ‘facts’ about CVS (CHIROPRACTIC VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION). I outline the collateral damage of our profession’a unscientific folly below. […]

“I expect that I am on the right track to improved health. I am impressed by Dr. Pike’s knowledge and effort on my behalf.”

Can we teach an old dog new tricks? Absolutely! As a chiropractor for 15 years in Toronto and now 25 years in Keswick; I have been doing this for decades. This person’s progress report stated the he hadn’t been skeptical of chiropractic BUT after being referred to me by a friend he realized that “medical […]

“Happier, less pain, better understanding of ADJUSTMENT”

I love sharing this testimonial with you as it contains so much wisdom. WHY did this woman in her early seventies decide to ‘try’ chiropractic again after twenty years? BECAUSE she noticed that her “normal activities were “harder to do without pain.” WHAT confirmed for her that chiropractic was working? Her experience at PIKE CHIROPRACTIC […]

“Your gentle touch, calmness and the way you explain everything you are doing.”

This case shows the power of chiropractic and its STOP PAIN effect. What this means is the effects of specific chiropractic spinal adjustments may reduce inflammation in the body. The important fact to understand is that chiropractors do this without treating of the pain. Chiropractic visits actually increase the aliveness of each person. Techniques and  […]

I wanted to see if my spine is OK”. Now I have “more strength and decreased sneezing and runny nose.”

Do you know if your spine is ok?  Most people living in Keswick and Georgina don’t. Only a chiropractor can tell from touch for TONE,  motion testing and x-rays.  Why x-rays? Because we can see the degree of spinal arthritis and learn how long your spinal decay has been happening. Yes I said DECAY.  Just […]

Chiropractic Is The Go To Approach For Relief And Prevention Of Lower Back Pain”.

“Chiropractic Is Proven To Be The Most Effective Approach For Relief And Prevention Of Lower Back Pain”. The 1993 Manga Report (M.R.) was ordered ordered and paid for by the Ontario Government in its attempt to improve outcomes for the public in one of the most costly medical conditions in the history of health care […]

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