Chiropractic Profession makes the daring leap into the realm of “neural pattern”. (1895 – 2019)

UNPRECEDENTED PROGRESS INTO THE ART OF TRUE HEALTH CARE BY THE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION as discussed by Dr. Simon Senzon in his recent papers on the questionable ethics of past misinterpretations and errors which have been (mis)used as unsupported ‘facts’ about CVS (CHIROPRACTIC VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION). I outline the collateral damage of our profession’a unscientific folly below.

After 40 years in my practice as a D.C. I agree with Dr. Senzon’s deliberate focus on clarification of all things chiropractic. Also unique about Senzon is his ‘integral’ style that includes historical, scientific and philosophical perspectives. The statement above recognizes the foundation premise of chiropractic as neurological. Why is this important? Because NO other health profession has done this. Today’s science is however beginning to consider the human nervous system decades after Daniel David Palmer, the founder of the chiropractic principle led the way. For instance; do you understand neuroplasticity? What about psychoneuroimmunology? Both terms accept the fact that the human body is capable of learning and evolving because of its CNS (central nervous system). Repetition over time = change. For instance – learning languages and to play a musical instrument. “Pattern analysis” as described above is what I look for in patients who come to me for a chiropractic opinion on their problem.
The problem is that because of the deeply ingrained acceptance of medical thinking in virtually all people; the person who presents to my office desires that their pain be stopped – regardless of understanding anything about what is causing it. My focus as a D.C. is to determine the nature of this persons ‘pattern”. Take muscle patterns for example otherwise known as ‘posture’. Will one chiropractic adjustment be of any benefit to the person who is suffering due to their years of stooping over their work? Of course not! Why do we brush out teeth more than once? This is why neurological focused chiropractors will not rush into a first visit attempt to relieve a symptom before they can see, understand and communicate the significance of this person’s ‘pattern’ and than share this with their potential new patient. This can be very challenging for both the D.C. and the long suffering person who wants relief of their symptom of postural dysfunction NOW. The point of all this is that chiropractic is the first primary health profession to see and communicate the distinction between adjusting the spine to impact the body’s nervous system patterns over a period of time. The real challenge here is that the human race has become addicted to quick relief. The best example of humans in danger from this medical symptom treatment paradigm is the current opiate crisis.
The down side of immediate relief is addiction and death. The down side of assured improvement of CVS with its underlying neurological patterns and related spinal dysfunction is that correction of causes takes time and costs money,
So what to do? Evolve into correction of cause or remain addicted to pain treatments?
Time as ‘they’ say will tell.

“One of the core elements of pattern analysis is to determine whether there is a neurological component being assessed related to the vertebral subluxation. The clinical rationale is that if the patient is in the exact same physiological pattern, as assessed by objective measures, on consecutive visits, then indications of a vertebral subluxation impacting the neurophysiology may be present.”

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