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Dr. Robert Stewart Pike is the oldest son of Donald Hughes Pike, science educator, W.W.II flight instructor and of Shirley Mae Stewart, registered nurse and devoted mother. A near perfect genealogy and environment for a future doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Bob has a sister, Jo Anne, a talented mom, who lives with her family in Richmond Hill and a brother, Bruce, a teacher who lives with his family in Wasega Beach. Dr. Bob lives with his very creative wife, Katherine, a professional make-up artist in the film industry, in their home – Shangrila – on the south shore of Lake Simcoe in the village of Island Grove. Before opening his practice in Keswick in 1991, Dr. Pike founded and operated a home-office healing centre – LIFE (Living In Full Expression) Chiropractic Health Centre for 11 years in the Junction district of West downtown Toronto.

Bob attended York University with the goal of becoming a teacher in the tradition of his father and grandfather. However, after completing two years of an Honors B.A. program in sciences and physical education, Bob changed direction and decided in 1974 to become a chiropractor! How did this come about? Bob was drawn to chiropractic after learning the ‘premise’the profession is based upon…the body is designed to and capable of healing itself. During his childhood and teen years Bob suffered from migraine headaches which were caused primarily by ‘Traumatic Birth Syndrome’ ( the use of forceps during delivery. For twenty years Bob was under the influence of the still prevalent medical misconception that his head pain was caused by a deficiency of painkillers in his blood stream. At the age of 23, following a series of spinal adjustments during his research into chiropractic, the headaches ceased. They have not returned as the chiropractic wellness approach helps his body to maintain its optimum adaptability and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

To Bob, something about the simplicity and honesty and common sense of the chiropractic principle struck something deep inside, causing it to vibrate. This reverberation has never stopped. Knowing that he could live within this ‘wellness oriented healing paradigm; Bob took his love of athletics, and fascination with science and combined it with his general awe of the spinning earth and the magical universe of which it is a part and went to chiropractic college in Toronto.

Bob spent the next four years studying the miraculous systems of the human body, and learning about the unique science, philosophy and art of chiropractic in a class of future D.C.’s from all over Canada and the world. He started and co-edited the college newspaper –LIFELINE – which is still in production. This is when he first discovered his passion for writing. While attending CMCC, and since graduating in 1980 Dr. Pike also studied holistic healing principles through courses outside the college, including nutrition, meditation, healing through attunement, acupressure, philosophy, metaphysics and spiritual psychology in addition to a vast array of chiropractic seminars such as applied kinesiology and pediatrics. His studying and reading continues daily.

In order to share what he has learned and to coach his patients and wellness clients, Dr Pike and his colleagues offer regular classes on the full spectrum of topics in the field of evolving personal well-being. This information may be found on the home page of this site.

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