“I expect that I am on the right track to improved health. I am impressed by Dr. Pike’s knowledge and effort on my behalf.”

Can we teach an old dog new tricks? Absolutely! As a chiropractor for 15 years in Toronto and now 25 years in Keswick; I have been doing this for decades. This person’s progress report stated the he hadn’t been skeptical of chiropractic BUT after being referred to me by a friend he realized that “medical views of earlier times still were mine.” This 88 year old gentleman was very pleased when he noticed improvement in his morning back pain after only four visits.

BUT our muscle and nerve scans proved to him that the CAUSE of his symptoms was still there. Today on his 36th visit since early April we have proof that his spinal system is almost ready for wellness care visits to maintain his results and keep his problem from returning as daily stress will likely cause over time.

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