“Happier, less pain, better understanding of ADJUSTMENT”

I love sharing this testimonial with you as it contains so much wisdom.

WHY did this woman in her early seventies decide to ‘try’ chiropractic again after twenty years? BECAUSE she noticed that her “normal activities were “harder to do without pain.” WHAT confirmed for her that chiropractic was working? Her experience at PIKE CHIROPRACTIC HEALING CENTRE is causing her to feel “Glad, this is a definite change”. WHAT caused her results? She likes our “patience, care and helpfulness” She appreciated that we taught her “a better understanding of getting a good adjustment and alignment”.

This important wisdom proves that people need BOTH results and a clear understanding of what is being done during the chiropractic healing process. If people get results but don’t understand WHY, the will leave before their body has the time to HEAL. What good is that?! It is no different than losing weight and then relapsing into old habits and gaining it all back PLUS more. This is FAILURE defined.

What makes this woman different besides what we (her adjustments) did for her? FIRST, she decided to trust the chiropractic logic regarding what her x-rays and spinal scans were showing to her. She could see that her mid-spine was very hunched forward. She realized this posture began at 13 years of age when she became self-conscious and tried to hide her changing body. SECOND, she could fully understand that her spinal curvatures and symptoms took 60 years to develop. What would she do with this knowledge?

Here at PCHC new patients have three choices when it comes to paying for their care. We use the number 12 to create all care plans. Beginning with 12 visits over between one to two months and her first re-scan, then 12 weeks of intensive chiropractic adjusting over from three to five months to create spinal changes AND the resulting nervous system impact. This leads for a committed person to a 12 month process with regular progress scans. And now the THIRD REASON FOR HER RESULTS. She chose to INVEST in 12 months of care at a considerable savings. At this PMR she is half way through this life-changing process and is living the experience of the body changes her commitment and consistent follow through has made possible in her qualityof life (Q.O.L.). We can see from her words below that she KNOWS that her results will happen over time just as her spinal changes did. Spinal healing takes place in three stages: Release from the prison of pain, Rebuilding that is natural to the human body and whole body Revitalization; which is also a natural result of doing her care this way.

FOUR. For some reason, she BELIEVED THAT SHE IS WORTH IT. As her brain and body become less stressed her belief is transforming to a powerful KNOWING. When we know something, we no longer need our beliefs. Live gets easier. The exciting thing is that as time passes she is becoming more and more grateful as her results are proving to her that her initial decision to TRUST her body was the right one.

Chiropractic philosophy, science and adjustments have and are giving this woman a certainty about her body that she didn’t know was possible. This experience is available to all people who can meet the conditions necessary for healing in their lives

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