“Your gentle touch, calmness and the way you explain everything you are doing.”

This case shows the power of chiropractic and its STOP PAIN effect. What this means is the effects of specific chiropractic spinal adjustments may reduce inflammation in the body. The important fact to understand is that chiropractors do this without treating of the pain. Chiropractic visits actually increase the aliveness of each person.

Techniques and  therapies to reduce pain include drugs, massage, osteopathy, naturopathy, physical therapy and many more.Treatment of pain is a medical act so all of these methods are part of the medical model.

So what makes chiropractic different? And how does chiropractic reduce pain?  To ways!  The first is the newest understanding of what D.C.s do with spinal adjustments. When I adjust your spine; because of the intimate connection neurologically, your brain function is destressed and one of the effects is less pain. The other way is a more local effect in the spine due to improved movement of the complex spinal joints. These joints are loaded with sensors that feed the brain all kinds of information about the environment it is in. Especially important in this case is the strong referral from her sister who had been having “wonderful progress”.  If you desire to have this experience contact us by email from this website. Thank you for visiting!



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