“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

I wish I knew how to increase the font size in this blog. I’d make it easier for you to read if I could because what I’m going to say is important. I was going to get up earlier to read but instead I went back to bed to meditate on my mindset

“Mindset is what separates the best from the rest”. Bianca Andreescu

So the baby is the thoughts we choose to think. Oh my gosh really? What about those feelings that you have all day? Well now we’re talking about an entirely different game altogether. Game!? Am I saying that life is a game? Exactly. Our new Canadian hero, Bianca Andreescu told an interviewer that she used to have some destructive habits and some bad self talk. You know when she felt down or under pressure; sometimes she would smash a racket or get angry at herself. But somehow she realized that this behaviour wasn’t actually serving her best interests. So she sought out help from a psychologist. Then she did the work. What work is that? The hard work. You know what I mean? The work of creating changes in what she choose to think so she could achieve a different outcome. Now she is getting used to the wonderful feelings that her hard fought victory is bringing to her and her family. She told an interviewer that her mother taught her to meditate and to visualize even before she decided she would become a professional tennis player. She has been visualizing winning the American Open every day since she was 13.

So what’s so hard about changing how we are behaving for something else? From my experience, I would say that most of us quit on ourselves because of our addiction to our behaviours. But, “life is not a dress rehearsal”. (unknown) So what is life then? Or maybe an even better question is; when is life. “Always remember, your life situation exists in time, your life exists outside of time — ‘Your life situation’ is ‘egoic’ mind-stuff, ‘your life’ is real stuff.” Andy Shaw, author of A Bug Free Mind. (Now you may need to reread that a few times and then actually stop and think – if you think you’re worth it and have the time that is). So what kind of a game is this life thing anyway? The truth is Life is a real game and not just a board game; unless you consider the life board to be for the stuff that happens only in “the generous present moment”. Dr. Joe Dispenza

While I’m on the topic of real stuff that happens only in the present moment, lets briefly consider healing as I happen to know that healing can only happen in this now moment. Is pain relief a part of healing? Is the opiate crisis we have created worth the cost of the thousands and thousands of lives that have been lost? Is pain relief by drug therapy a part of healing? Why yes it is. Is addiction to opiates a healing process? Or would we be throwing out the baby with the bathwater? What is it going to take for the human race to stop this behaviour and replace it with another? Only a year ago, Bianca Andreescu was rated over 100 in the female field of international tennis professionals. Today she is number 5. Did Bianca change something about herself in that year? What did she tell us that she worked to change? “Mindset” If you were to ask her when she did the work on herself; what would be her answer? When is life?

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