“I felt like I was losing my life with constant pain and headaches. I feel like I’m getting my life back”.

This young mother has been seeing us for chiropractic care for 22 years.  Her story is clearly told below. The funniest thing happened when we were doing her son’s thermal spinal scan to assess brain stress.  I asked the four and a half year old boy what controls your body? His answer?…Gravol! Good answer Sawyer (smile). Do you see how easy it is for the drug merchants to convince the public that controlling symptoms with chemicals is the same thing as healing their cause? 

Do you want to know how I can move my finger like this?  I (wagged my index finger back and forth). “OK” he said.  

“Well, my brain sends a signal down my spine and out the arm to my hand and that’s how the muscle moves my finger”.  Do you understand? Then I pulled out my light bulb with the dimmer switch to show him how the light can be made dim or bright depending on the quality of the signal it is getting. “Do you see what I mean? The electricity to the bulb is like the brain signal from my brain to my finger”

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