Chiropractic Is The Go To Approach For Relief And Prevention Of Lower Back Pain”.

“Chiropractic Is Proven To Be The Most Effective Approach For Relief And Prevention Of Lower Back Pain”.

The 1993 Manga Report (M.R.) was ordered ordered and paid for by the Ontario Government in its attempt to improve outcomes for the public in one of the most costly medical conditions in the history of health care in our province.

“On the evidence, particularly the most scientifically valid clinical studies, spinal manipulation applied by chiropractors is shown to be more effective than alternative treatments for LBP. Many medical therapies are of questionable validity or are clearly inadequate.”

The above quote says Dr. Bob Pike. of Keswick, Ontario, Canada was a major focus by keynote speaker, Dr. James Chestnut at this year’s Alliance For Chiropractic Spring Conference. For more information Google The Manga Report (Ontario, Canada,1993)

You will learn more about “A Study to Examine the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic Management of Low-Back Pain.”

The Manga Report was done by Professor and Director, Masters in Health Administration Program, University of Ottawa; and President, Pran Manga and Associates Inc., Ottawa.

“A major study to assess the most appropriate use of available health care resources was reported in 1993 by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The report overwhelmingly supported the efficacy, safety, scientific validity and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic for low back pain.”


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