I’m Feeling Better and Getting my Strength Back”. “I’m A Believer Now!”

This amazing woman has been a member of my practice since her injury in 2014.  She tells her story below.  How long will she come in for adjustments? She was ready to stop after her back symptoms from the fall ceased. But I could tell Sue would be open to hear about the three stages of health care.

  1. Release from nerve system stress or subluxation.

  2. Rebuild stronger cells and tissues happens when stress is less.

  1. Revitalization of the whole body happens with lifestyle chiropractic adjustments.

I knew that Sue would be open to listen to my suggestion that feeling better was a signal for her to continue into rebuild phase over the next few months and she agreed with me.

There are also three type of patients and some people won’t embrace the potential their body has to heal. Unfortunately most think that relief is their goal because they don’t know about the next two phases of real health care. I always say that there is NO limit to health and healing.

Everyone has to find their own unique combination of strategies when it comes to taking care of their most important and valuable possession. I’m pleased that you are reading this because you are learning about the importance of the brain’s spinal connection and your body’s full function.

If you are a skeptic who would like to know how to BE a believer then you are someone I’d like to meet.  We don’t just adjust spines, we CHANGE LIVES.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will come by for a closer look at lifestyle chiropractic care like Sue did.

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