“Less Pain In The Morning And The Rest Of The Day”. “I’m impressed by the way your check for subluxations before you begin treatment and then recheck before I leave”.

This woman came to Pike Chiropractic because of a suspected disc problem that had been ruled out by MRI.  After the usual 12 to 16 visits her symptoms “settled down”.

It is always difficult for me to predict who will chose to make regular chiropractic spinal checkups a part of their lifestyle and health regime.  I was very impressed that Heidi mentions my three stage chiropractic adjustment protocol. Check what needs to be done, DO IT, and then recheck to test that the body has changed or is in the process of change.

If you desire to experience this unique style of chiropractic care; give us a call today and watch your life change inside of three months to something so amazing that you won’t ever want to go back to your pre-chiropractic existence.  Thank you for reading this post. Please share it with those you care about.


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