Neuroplasticity is the new PAIN explanation.Where you feel pain isn’t a confirmation of where the problem is.

Does the location of pain have anything to do with its location?  Science is proving that where you feel pain often has more to do with your brain learning from your lifestyle than where you “feel” the symptom. This concept is called neuro or bio plasticity. The tendency of your brain to adapt and learn behaviours is about your brain waking up to what the body is experiencing. Chiropractic adjustment can reprogram the brain over time in the same way that different kinds of stress can.

When your chiropractor adjusts subluxated spinal vertebra, this alerts the brain to an area of spinal malfunction.  Once your brain is awake to this pattern of malfunction, it will participate in the healing stages over time. I our office we call these RELEASE, REBUILD AND REVITALIZE.

Health is a learned behavior in the same way that over time the loss of health can also become habituated.  You must do something different to avoid living with the same mediocre quality of life.  Treat your body to the chiropractic experience to feel the bioplasticity in your brain as your body awakes to become more alive.



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