What Does Peace Have To Do With Our Health?

Why is PEACE an essential state to master? Because! Because most of us spend our lives being crucified between two thieves, regret of the past and fear of the future. Why is this so? Why do we let these two thieves steal away our only present? And what does present mean? Good question. The present is the actual NOW moment.  Now is the only reality. This means that both of the thieves are illusions. Our actual life is lived only in the now.  Now is called the present because it is a gift. If this is true, why would we spend most of our nows living in regrets of the past and worries of what might happen in the future? Another good question.

Because we have never really thought about it that is why. Our schooling didn’t teach us about the power of now. We have not considered that wedged between the past and future is the NOW WHERE WE LIVE. Have you ever heard the saying, “Live with the passion of knowing you can never fail”. How about living with the knowledge that we mostly learn by failing.That’s what failing forward means.  Fear of failure would then be a mistake yes? Can we also learn by succeeding? Yes, but only if we know how to pay attention.

Could this be the truth? How would that work? I can promise that it only works now. How do we find our way into now? We were designed to BE HERE in the NOW and this is where peace is essential for you to practice. What is your identity?

Who do you think you are? For that matter, what do you think you are? If you have been following me you know what I’m about to say.  I’m about to remind you that you are a human being. This means that you are an eternal being living in a human instrument on planet Earth.

In my chiropractic practice I have a core of believers who know that each spinal adjustment increases the peace within their brain. Less stress is the result. This is the secret to living long and strong my friend.

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