“I’m A Believer Now”! “Feeling A Lot Better” I’m Getting My Strength Back”.

There are two types of people that enter my chiropractic healing centre. Type one, and most of us start in this group; is seeking symptomatic relief. The are desperate as chiropractic adjustment is their last resort after trying all or most of the other alternatives.

This testimonial is by one of those rare but increasingly common individuals who after achieving their number one goal of relief, stays under chiropractic care to see what would happen beyond mere pain relief. They cross the bridge from skeptic to BELIEVER. I have a core of ‘believers’ in my practice. What is a believer? The are people who after chiropractic care have come to trust that something in their body knows exactly what it is doing all of the time. Because of this these people become very happy to come for their regular visits weekly, every 2 weeks of monthly. And no they are not addicted to their adjustments. Quite to the contrary, they are loving their new life which with the time and trust they have invested is transforming their health from “average or terrible” to “better and stronger” than they ever know was possible.

Then when people believe in their body’s wisdom;  the most amazing things can happen. If you desire to know more take a moment to visit our website www.pikechiropractic.com to take a look behind the chiropractic curtain into

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