“More Positive, More Energy, Less Headaches”

Which of those aspects in the title above is the most important? Well whose asking? Different things are meaningful to different people.  And how can chiropractic adjustments make them all happen for that matter?  You are an energetic being within a living human body. Your body has a central operating system or inherent intelligence which allows all parts and functions to intercommunicate.

I hope you read that last sentence more than once. Why? Because it contains the secret to how someones life can change once they make the decision to make the chiropractic adjustment part of their health and self care regime.

I used to wake up almost every day with a pain in the back of my upper neck that spread into the back of my head and up into my left eye. In chiropractic college I learned that occipital nerve syndrome is a thing. More importantly, I had already learned that  chiropractic adjustments had corrected the cause of my childhood headaches!  And as the title says, when my headaches stopped I became more positive and energetic. Now at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre, I help lots of people become like me.  Happier, more energetic and pain free.

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