Are Conditions Worth Giving (trading) Your Life For?

This is big.  What are conditions and how do they affect us?  The basic three types of condition are the 3 Ts.

  1. Tensions
  2. Toxins
  3. Traumas

Do you know people who live well? Are these the people who don’t take risks for whom everything is smooth and easy? No that isn’t what I mean by ‘live well’.  Maybe if I modified the question a little. Do you know people who live on purpose? Yes that’s it. People who know their purpose live differently than those who don’t and therefore live by accident. I know this because I’ve done both. In fact most of us have and are still learning by accident. So what is it that causes the difference to which I am referring? Consciousness.

When we are conscious we care about ourselves and how we are feeling. Because we care about ourselves we are qualified to do the same for others.  We do this by thinking carefully about who we are and why we are here. One sign of a conscious person is that they won’t hesitate to do what they must.  One who knows themselves will never waste their most precious asset…time.  People who don’t ‘know’ will do things unconsciously.  For example they will procrastinate whereas they could choose to do the opposite.  Successful people who live well have the courage to fail as much as possible and learn as much as they can. This is known as “failing forward”.

When I saw this distinction in Andy Shaw’s writings (1) it woke me up.  I have waited before taking action because of one or more of the conditions.  The thing is that conditions are illusory and exist in time and space.  My life in contrast is real because it transcends time and space. I am learning that conditions are not worth trading my life for

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