Chiropractors aren’t pain doctors…we are BRAIN doctors. Spine to Brain

Over my years of experience I have seen many spontaneous changes in behaviour in both children and fully grown adults.  Do you have ADHD? Do you know and clearly understand that your focus and concentration along with hyperactive and impulsive states can only be changed by altering your brain?  An estimated 3 to 4 million children, and probably even more adults have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  In our current health model, ADHD is most often thought of as a medical disorder often requiring medical treatment, largely via mind-altering drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall which happen to be class II narcotics very similar to cocaine. Drugs work; but at what cost?

However, there actually is NO standard definition or standard of treatment for ADHD. NONE!  BUT there is an accurate way of understanding what ADHD is. Would you like to learn how to change your mind by de-stressing your brain? Would you also like to get over the habit of being your stressed out self because your brain is finally available for you to use? If so, you are one of our attendees for Understanding ADHD  this Wed. Oct 15th at 7:00 pm until we are done. This free workshop will give you a solution if you are ready to embrace the concept that your biology can both grow and limit who you are being in your life.  For an introduction to this, read on and thank you for visiting this blog. To register for the workshop simply go to and follow the links.

Chiropractors are brain Doctors? How can this be so? Well first lets examine what the term Doctor means. Webster’s defines Doctor as:  “a person who is skilled in the science of medicine; a person who is trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people”. Its not difficult to see the problem with this narrow perspective is it. I checked the thesaurus to explore a wider more comprehensive view of what Doctor means…Here I found other words like: expert, professor, scientist, healer and specialist.  This means that the title Doctor is about being knowledgeable and experienced on a particular subject. I’m certain most of us are aware of many different types of doctors. A good example of this is Ph.D – “A Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated Ph.D., is the highest academic degree anyone can earn. Because earning a Ph.D. requires extended study and intense intellectual effort, less than one percent of the population attains this degree; society shows respect for a person who holds a Ph.D. by addressing them with the title “Doctor’‘.  While writing this piece I became aware that Ph. D. actually refers to a Doctor of Philosophy which literally means a teacher of the ‘love of knowledge’. This is my intention with this article, to share with you my love of the knowledge of the services rendered by the chiropractic profession which I am very aware are fully understood by a very few.

There it is then.  The designation Doctor is to be respected. There are numerous type of Doctors. Each is unique. Chiropractic is the first regulated profession on Earth to embody the principle that the human body under the guidance of Life’s Inborn Intelligence is expressing via the central nervous system, as the self-healing and self-regulating abilities we each depend on daily. Each day our body must manifest 2.5 million cells a minute to replace exhausted resources. This is a core awareness of the presence of life isn’t it? Life is always pregnant with intelligence. Further to this, I believe that by openly acknowledging and professing this fact our profession is courageously pioneering a system of brilliantly caring for people of all ages from the womb to the tomb.  Many of the clients I am referring to have lived in a way that allows them the experience and privelege of never having to have to rely on the treatments from a doctor of medicine.

The first chiropractor stated that chiropractic adjustment is the re-connection of man the physical with man the spiritual. What does this mean? The physical body often requires help due to its overexposure to one or more of the stressors of living in this world. The basic premise of chiropractic principles focuses on the fact that the spinal system connects the body to the brain that is regulating ALL of its cells and systems. What does the term spiritual mean? The term spiritual in this context in my opinion means the presence of a timeless influence which is vibrational in nature.  This frequency or tone is a quality of life’s expressed forces…invisible, often silent, continuous and constant. I have no hesitation stating this fact because I measure and monitor it in my patient’s nervous systems daily. as heat and electrical activity. I am not one to discriminate against another doctor who may use different language in their preferred explanation of their approach to what they do and why.  But this does not mean I won’t take issue with how some perceive chiropractic and its scientific impact as less than scientific in its significance than “medical science”

As an example  here I’ll refer to the initial definition of Doctor above in Webster’s definition which alludes to the “science of medicine”.   An article entitled Where is the Wisdom: is an indication of the poverty of medical evidence to support the alleged scientific validity of medical treatment.  In this piece by David Eddy, M.D., Ph. D. it is stated that “Only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by scientific evidence…This is partly because only 1 % of the articles in medical journals are scientifically sound.”BMJ 1991 303:798.

I could go on but the title of this blog demands that I proceed with the clarification of the important role of chiropractic adjustment. What is the difference between pain relief and the integrity of the brain body connection?  I will state this as simply as I can. The body is constantly informing the brain of its status. This is a process of biofeedback being realized…being made real by the intelligence of life ‘listening’ through the instrument of its creation we know as the human brain. Next I will describe the process of connection through the spine to your brain but first I have a request of you. Please walk to the nearest mirror and look into your eyes. Ask yourself if it is possible that you are a conscious living being experiencing a life through the miracle that is your central nervous system. Everything in life that is physical, chemical and emotional is appreciated in this way.  We don’t taste with the taste buds our tongue but with the integration of our brain and we don’t smell with the oliphactory sensors of the nose but with our brain.

As a chiropractor I know that the brain can only serve the body if and when it has an accurate concept of what the body is in need of. Your body is constantly and consistently expressing its status via various mechanical, heat, pressure and chemical sensors through several spinal tracts into the brain’s perceptual network of trillions of cells. Pain is an emotion that varies in our bran’s register according to our individual perceptions.  Positive information tells your brain about proprioception:  about where your body is in space or its posture ie spinal attitude. The body’s t toxic reactive feedback to your brain includes all nociception. This is also know as negative information which informs the brain of either potential or actual tissue damage. This is vital information the brain must know immediately. The stress of physical, chemical and emotional experiences can overload our master system. Each of us is living in the state of alostasis (previously homeostasis).  This means the state of dynamic balance we achieve as we juggle the various task of living. When our alostatic tollerance is breached or exceeded we enter the state of dis-ease or stress overload. The state of subluxation or neural disturbance due to spinal stress is reduced by chiropractic adjustment. This intervention modulates the intensity of the stress load bombarding the brain. The universal symptoms of stress response by the brain  include sleeplessness, digestive shutdown, immune system shutdown and infertility. These are withheld in favour of increased blood flow  to the brain, heart and  skeletal muscles to achieve the survival based stress response in the short term for a  fight or flight confrontation. Unfortunately in today’s culture this state is anything but a short term engagement with the evil demons we call our daily stressors.

When I describe chiropractors as brain Doctors, I’m referring to chiropractic adjustment as the specific, gentle reduction of spinal subluxation.  The skill of your friendly neighbouhood Doctor of Chiropractic is profound. Each chiropractic adjustment of spinal misalignment serves to radically diminish the chronic state of brain overload known since the days of Dr. Hans Selye as the stress response and transforms this into a relaxation response.  In this way your regular wellness chiropractic visits may well save your life by extending it into the dynamic state of alostatic harmony that is your one and only life.  To see you back as nothing more than an achey burden is far short of the truth that once know will transform your view of this breakthrough profession.