“Did Not Know About Chiropractic Care’.


This case is very typical of how things play out in most chiropractic offices. Why do I say this? Because this woman having her second sciatic episode in 10 years, “didn’t know about chiropractic care”. The first thing I will say to this fact is that its not her fault. She has been raised in a culture in which her medical doctor, who is ignorant of chiropractic principles for one reason or another, rules her approaches to her health.

J had a friend who refer her many times before she finally, in desperation, took action. The very mind blowing thing is that the adjustments that have shifted her experience were all done to her upper neck!  You don’t know the amazing power of the body to heal until you see it in properly applied chiropractic care. How can a neck adjustment ease the pain of a badly degenerated disc at L5/S1 in the low back?

This woman went from “very painful and uncomfortable” lower back pains to “can walk better” and “get out of bed with more comfort”. in only 3 weeks!

I appreciate her valuing my “how you explain what you are doing” as I work to align and restore function in her body’s primary neural communication channel. (spine)




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