Emotional Low Point Heals After Adjustments To Better Coping Ability!

I remember how amazed this patient was when she began to feel so much better without any meds.

She had “acute neck pain – long term 12 years.” And she was at an “emotional low point.” She didn’t want to come in because she “thought it would take too long and accomplish little.

“She was stubborn but her husband must have needed her to feel better so he could enjoy his life more 🙂 so he kept reminding her until she finally agreed to give chiropractic a try. The rest is right below in her testimonial for all to read.

  1. Acute neck pain GONE ( after 12 years!!)
  2. Overall health improved and reaching physical goals athletically.
  3. Improved emotional health/better coping ability. WOW!

What most impressed her about our care:

“Your ability to zero in on my individual objectives & work specifically to achieve that level of health for me.”

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