How To Prevent Lost Health From Destroying Your Life

Why do I ask this question in the title of this post?… (Please read my thoughts and feel for yourself if they make any sense to you).

…Because over my 35+ years as a health care provider I have noticed that as health comsummers; we buy what we want and not what we need. What does this mean? Well we buy stuff like houses, cars, boats, TVs etc, etc… Its all good…BUT We spend our money and may even go into debt for what we ‘want’. Now watch this. When I’m speaking to groups of people and ask what is the most valuable thing that you own? Health or my life is the response!! There is no other right answer because as you know if you have ever had your health threatened, your WHOLE life becomes about getting it back. A recent study of our insurance based medical system identified the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. More here What you see is a system where supposedly “non-profit” and “charitable” institutions are raking in massive profits — while still begging the public for donations.”

Is there a solution to this painful reality? The answer is YES! But we must first rethink health completely get real and admit that my health is my responsibility and no one elses. Ask yourself this question… Will my (alleged) ‘health’ insurer protect me from growing cancer cells and the treatment costs? NOPE as the above articles both prove. If you haven’t yet reached the point of admitting your responsibility for your health; you could be thinking ‘those articles were about the USA ‘but its different here in Canada‘. Oh really? Are you sure? Remind yourself here

“The manufactured crisis in healthcare is chronic under-funding, and the solution is more comprehensive public funding, not corporatization. Since 1981 hospital funding has decreased significantly as a share of Canada’s huge health (sickness) care (treatment) budget.

Read between the lines about how the Canadian economy determines availability of insurance based sickness treatments in Ontario.

Let’s take the high road with this over-complicated topic shall we? The truth is that like sunshine and air (so far); health is FREE. Of the vast numbers of human beings on the planet; most of us were born 100% healthy. You may or may not agree with me on this and I care about your opinion. I do; but not that much. Everything you and I have been taught about health is distorted and inaccurate. Everything. The fact is that HEALTH IS FREE. So how do Canada and the USA; two of the most “developed” nations on Earth end up SO SICK?

Do you believe your body is self regulating? Do you know that your brain and nervous system control and regulate every other system in your whole body? This is not my opinion. It is a fact that there are 40 times more messages moving from body to brain than move from brain to cells and tissues. The brain is how the master guidance responds and communicates to each and every system in the body. This ‘free’ intelligence is an inborn or innate intelligence that permeates the cells and systems that makes your body into the living instrument that it is.

I assume you already know that an instrument must be kept in tune to fulfill its function properly. Do you know how to tune your body (self care)? Does anyone else know how to tune your body (health care)? Are we supposed to believe that the struggling financially motivated medical model has this knowledge? Do you trust politics to have the answers? Do you really believe that there is a difference between parties? Or is it plausible that everyone in our flawed political system is trapped by the sheer complexity of it? Conversations with Great Minds interviews Stephen Brill on this question. Take the time to listen as a Canadian to the drama unfolding in the US.

“But we must first rethink health completely”

The perspective that can change how we live as well as how long and how well we live is the fact the human body is designed by life to be self healing. There is living intelligence inside your cells that never makes a mistake. To “think different” about health means we have made a decision to embrace the reality that our life force has the resources to repair, detoxify and heal all accumulations of wear and tear from our daily living. How does this decision show up? By being the person who accepts absolute responsibility to co-create health with this inborn life force. To fully activate our inherent FREE life force we must learn to get out of the way. How? We can love our body by taking action and increasing our priceless (FREE) personal LIFE CONNECTION. Why? This responsible person understands what is at stake, what does and doesn’t work. This person chooses to live differently by transcending what is. But we must first rethink health completely. The key to this means transcending ‘what is’ in order to evolve into the transformed state that I am calling HEALTH.

If you want to have more information and proof of this new health perspective working in chiropractic care; please contact me at 905-476-6475 or visit You hold all the power when it comes to growing your future health so that you will be ready to live your dreams into memories!

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