“I had accepted the pain I had been living with for the past few years”….

Who does more damage to us in our lives than we do to ourselves? That’s right NOBODY! Sometime we just live with it suffering in silence.

The secret to self-healing is 3 STEPS. First, we must see that its possible. Next, we must give ourselves permission to do it. Third, we need to find the way for us to realize what we desire. This case is a perfect example of this process. 

When a very fit person who is also a marshal artist has pain from injuries suffered in the sport he loves, he might just tolerate these as the price he must pay. When I read this testimonial about his chiropractic experience, it was clear that he was learning a different way to live with his what his choices had done to him over the “past few years”.  I invited him to do a video.  Robert is featured in our website in the testimonials area.  Check it out to hear what he says about “releasing his hidden potential”. 



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