Is Being Stuck Just Making the Same Old Mis-take?

What does it mean when a person feels stuck in their life? At least two factors apply in this scenario.

Failing to learn and grow from our experiences.
Plateauing by making the same mistake over and over
OK I heard and felt that thought. These are both the same you think? Its true that failing to learn and grow will cause us to plateau in any endeavor. But we need to dig deeper to find the primary cause of a failure to succeed. Consider this quote from Creating A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

“We are educated from birth to ‘believe’ with blind obedience: school teachers, religion, science and doctors without question. Yet if you watch children, you will see that before we as adults, beat it out of them with the same dogma that was used on us, they have a natural success ability that adults have lost through lack of use.”

What is this natural success ability within all children? We have all seen it and felt this power with the children we meet. It is confidence. Isn’t that interesting? Admit that you have been intimidated by this quality in a child. As young children before age of eight we are fully connected to our spiritual source. This authentic connection to what is real feels like confidence to others. This connection has not been weakened by the compromise of enticements onto the path of blind obedience yet. The proof of this is the question all these children ask us… “WHY”? Often these children use the another powerful word to ensure their path to learn and grow is kept clear for them. This word is “NO”.

If we reach eventually reach a point where we feel like we’re stuck; we have the example of the children to remind us of the two words that when properly used with pure authenticity will keep us on track in our lives when it comes to this and that. Why is this necessary and no, I don’t agree with that.

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