“It Made Logical Sense To Me. Having My First Adjustments Blew My Mind!”

This young man was referred for help with his lower back lower back pains.  After being referred for chiropractic adjustments by a friend his “bad” situation changed into “less  pain, easier to sit up straight, and less fatigue”.

I always appreciate it when a ‘believer’ walks into our Chiropractic Healing Centre. This is because in every case the problem that is causing a person’s symptoms, including the pain they experience; the actual cause of these is not what they think.  In most cases, the subluxation happened years earlier. This means their body has been ‘under the influence’ of a nerve system and brain that is repeating mistakes and errors that they actually believe to be their normal state.

So what is healing then?  Well healing begins with the mental realization of the fact I described above. Do people want to hear this? Depends on their beliefs and more importantly their consciousness of cause and effect. The believers I mentioned above are excited to know that when we remove the actual cause; the effects of this cause will STOP. This is why healing will require a planned out care process over a few months and then subsequent commitment to include spinal hygiene in their lifestyle.

What is spinal hygiene? It is a holistic lifestyle where we teach you to move right, eat right and think right.  Enough said.


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