“Just Having One Adjustment Made Me Feel Much Better”.

After a series of specific gentle chiropractic adjustments his body actually proved that it could rebuild and revitalize itself.  Scott, in his testimonial below confirms that he can now “move around better, breathe better, and feel more comfortable”.

What is so different about Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre? Why is Pike the D.C. for you?

Dr. Bob Pike has 38 years of practical insights from mastering the original CHIROPRACTIC LIFE PRINCIPLE while helping thousands to release and optimize their hidden health potential. Dr. Pike does this simply; with his unique chiropractic adjustment style – suited to all ages – in an ideal healing environment.  Each individual chooses how long their body needs to process care on every visit.

Dr. Bob combines his old school talents with state of the art digital technology to measure the changes in those receiving his holistic approach. The Millennium SUBLUXATION STATION measures changes in your muscle tone, circulation, and even brain state. ” We don’t guess, we measure your stress”.

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