Read This First Please! Are you Qualified For Chiropractic?

Thank you for visiting my Blog. This letter is prepared to pre-qualify prospective practice members at our wellness chiropractic care centre in Keswick located in the town of Georgina.

It is our pleasure to have this opportunity to help make your life better.
Before you can get the most out of your chiropractic experience, several concepts need to be exposed. I put it this way because after helping thousands of pregnant women, babies, children, tweens, moms and dads, athletes, workers, boomers and zoomers in thousands of ways; I know that anything is possible.

We want the best possible results for you and your family. You can have what it is you are here for if you give your body the chance to change itself. Change of this nature is called healing. Healing is a continuous process that our body does from the inside-out over time. This work is a product of the quality and quantity of life force flowing in your body.

Permit me to clarify what I’m saying. None of us were taught that health and self-repair is natural to our body. Every minute, two and a half million cells must be replaced by your body. Please note: To make healthy new cells it takes a healthy body. In the mounting stress of our world we often forget that our body needs to be kept in tune. Just like race cars make pit stops, during the second stage of your care here once your symptoms have stopped you will need to let your body heal itself by replacing the unhealthy cells and repairing all the damaged tissues. A wellness care lifestyle must include regular spinal checkups…kind of like your car but your
body is different. BECAUSE IT IS ALIVE!
For example, when your car’s frame is out of alignment the tires wear unevenly and this affects the quality of the ride. Likewise, when your core spinal structures are out of alignment the body’s core communication and movement is affected and so your body can’t work properly. Chiropractors call this subluxation. What to do? Correcting your subluxations and teaching you to live your life without re-creating them is our service here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. How long and how much?

This brings up the concept we call health insurance. Insurance for your car isn’t even available unless there has been a crisis of some kind – a fire, a crash…This is why oftentimes we make the error of equating health care to the simple medication or remediation of symptoms. So basically the insurance model of reimbursement was developed to either repair or replace inanimate property. But, truth is…none of us has a health insurance policy. What we own is sickness treatment insurance. In fact you must be sick to use it. Can you see the contradiction with this?

So the question is, does health insurance exist? I believe it does. We have already covered it. Your human body has the Innate capacity to repair itself. Your living body can literally change itself through its built-in regenerative abilities. How much would a car with this accessory cost? HA! � Can’t be done.

I believe that prevention is the only true form of health care assurance. At the same time I will further say that your body’s built-in regeneration is proof that the ultimate insurance policy is already being provided for you by the power that animates the living Universe. This may surprise you but it is true. Once your spine is subluxation free, your regular chiropractic care releases this power into your life. Wellness chiropractic is about certainty and fun. That’s how health feels. Together we will explore what is needed to keep you in this state. Its not only your symptoms that matter…We will begin today by looking deeper by measuring the nervous system that you are living you life through. Next we will create an affordable plan of care with you to help you achieve and fulfill your lifestyle goals. Your questions and interests in this regard are very important to us. We are here so serve you. It is always up to you how long you choose to experience the benefits of chiropractic care. Thank you for reading this first.

Healing At The Speed of Life,

Dr. Bob Pike
Wellness Chiropractor,

Owner Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre 905.476.6475
[email protected]

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