What Is Healing And How does it Work?

If we can ask a question, we have the answer inside us. However, having the answer does not mean we are ready to access and receive it.

Healing is a natural result of the unobstructed flow of Life through our body and mind.
Healing is happening 100% of the time.
Different types of stress can and do affect our healing and may lead to disorder, eventual dis-ease and finally symptoms.
There are only three symptoms in the human body. Altered organ functions: (too much or too little , too fast or too slow and PAIN)
There are three misalignment symptoms in the human mind. Regret or past focus and fear or future focus, spectrum disorders.
Treating these symptoms is backwards and prolongs the disease process.
Correcting their cause allows 100% healing to resume and restores and resets
Life’s flow can be altered by changes in alignment like a spinal curvature, a bad attitude and an out of wack lifestyle.

How Healing works is to0 simple for our educated mind to grasp. For example you can’t make something happen that never stops in the first place. (Did I lose you?_)

Why waste time trying to start an engine that has been running since birth? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn about the alignment essentials?

Proper spinal function to ensure full brain body connections from your chiropractor. Why chiropractic is number 1? Because the spine and brain control and regulate all functions of you body. (Remember Christopher Reeve?) (When he broke his upper spine all muscle AND organ function ceased.
Do consistent movement of all joints in all ranges. All eastern cultures have embedded this into their lifestyle. For example, China with Qi Gong, Japan with T’ai Chi and India with Yoga. It is only in the past half century that the western culture has begun to embrace these traditions
Proper fuel (nutrition) from self study and experimentation with a Naturopath’s help when necessary.
Consistently tune in to pro-life attitudes by remaining consciously in the present. For example ; never worry. If you can’t help worrying, remember that worrying can’t help you either!. Always carry an attitude of gratitude

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