What Is The Leading Cause Of Disease And Early Death?

Would you rather have a back problem or a brain problem?

I’m not “beating around the bush” in this blog post. We haven’t got the time to waste while losing our most valuable asset. So alright; which is your most valuable asset? Everyone says its their health. If you ask someone who is pregnant whether what they desire most, a boy or girl; what is the usual response? “It doesn’t matter, just as long as he or she is healthy”.

The answer to the question asked in my title is shocking. The leading cause of disease and early death is it happens because most people wait until they have a symptom.

You better read that last line again. What is the most common first sign of a heart problem? Do you know? The answer is – a heart attack. Disease is a process of disorder and dysfunction over time. So, how much organ damage and degeneration must have happened before a symptom finally is felt? Research has shown that 40% loss must have happened which means that the person who had the attack was only at 60% the day before. Can you have a body with stage four cancer without symptoms? YES!

If you were going to take your family on a trip through the desert but one of your tires was about to go flat; when would you want to know about it? NOW RIGHT? Why? Because you don’t want to have a flat. Where? In the desert.

Would you like to actually know today… how your one and only body is actually functioning? Why? So an unexpected disease process isn’t allowed to interrupt your precious life journey! This is what we do here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. We test and align the system that protects and controls ALL the other cells and systems that make up your body.

That’s right, the principle of CHIROPRACTIC IS ABOUT KEEPING YOUR BODY AT FULL FUNCTION ……………….not about symptoms and reaction pain.

What would your life feel like if you knew you possessed predictable health. Do you believe this is possible? Do believe you can have it. And most importantly; do you believe that you are worth it?

It you desire to know more about this possibility call Dr. Bob Pike at 905.476.6475 to book the most important free consultation appointment of your life.

Thank you for visiting and reading this blog.

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