What makes Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre Unique?

Number one is that I am a highly experienced. wellness based, neurologically focused Doctor of Chiropractic.

Number two: I am a great adjuster by hand and by instrument it that is your preference.

Number three is that I don’t guess about the health of the families who are referred to me. I measure how alive a person is with AMAZING technologies that are N.A.S.A. APPROVED. (See Heart Rate Variability below) BUT, I have to let you know that before you can experience being more alive through wellness chiropractic, YOU MUST transcend ordinary reality. What does this mean? It means you have to live in a state of FAITH and not FEAR. You must know you are worth having a good life each moment because you no longer risk missing your life by wasting your only NOW MOMENTspine_and_healing life in regret of the past or in dread of the future.

THE PAST AND FUTURE ARE BOTH ILLUSIONS. How do I know this? Because I have discovered that I can only DO anything NOW. Think about this. Before you can have a spinal adjustment which takes only seconds; you must learn how to live in the PRESENT. THE PRESENT IS A GIFT FROM GOD. Life only happens NOW. This is basic health information for those who want the most unique chiropractic experience in GEORGINA. You can only see me NOW. How do I know this. BECAUSE IT WILL BE NOW WHEN YOU AND I MEET TO WORK ON YOUR BEST LIFE.

Now let me ask you an important question. Do you know that your health could be better than it is? Are you tolerating pain, lack of quality sleep and organ malfunctions like IBS? Are you someone who doesn’t think they are worth spending time and energy on bettering your health? Why would you risk wasting your actual life time because of temporary effects or symptoms like I’ve listed above? What is the actual cost to you of this choice to risk NOW? Which excuse is it that is stopping you from digging into your HEALTH FREEDOM?…time, money or fear?

Check out my #GetAdjusted video today on this topic as I may say something different from what I wrote here.  Thanks for reading my blog. Please share it with someone you care about and don’t hesitate to give me a call to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION on how to get you living NOW…WHERE EVERYTHING IS GOING ON and where health lives.

Until next Blog,

Dr. Bob

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