Where is wellness?

Good day my friend! Its me, Dr Bob Pike the wellness chiropractor. I help my patients to know true wellness. Not just know ‘about’ it.  Wellness has been described as a word that people are spending millions on that has no definition.

We humans often neglect to define things we don’t understand. The issue here is that we don’t learn from words but from actual experience.  Could wellness as a concept would be one of these things that we can’t define due to our ignorance of it? I contend that there is far more wellness in the living Universe than anything else.  We are here to remember how to attract this state of being to us.  Let’s take a moment to think about that.  We will confine our analysis of health and well being to planet Earth experiences.

Where is wellness? Would you agree with me when I say Wellness is directly related to all aspects of being alive? If you do then you would agree that it is Everywhere – even in cancerous tumors! When is wellness? Now…which means always. The best example of this in reality is the concept of the timeless present moment.  From one end to the other the present moment is full to the brim of wellness potential. From now to now.

How is wellness possible? The only answer I can come up with is this. Wellness is a state of wholeness of being. So less than whole = less wellness. Wellness is a core value held by the Inventor of Life and offered as pure potential to living beings who are created to express life in this Time/Space reality.

Why is wellness? When we follow our  hearts and do what we love, we are on track to learn about our whole selves. Wellness could be seen as true north. Our compass to navigate into wellness is revealed in our unfolding life experiences.

Wellness is the vibration state of our authentic spirit, If we behave in ways that differ from this state we lose wellness and enter a state of dis-ease which will eventually bring with it symptoms.  What do we do then?

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