ADHD – The Forgotten Solution, By Dr. Bob Pike

Happy 4th Sunday of the 1st month in a segment of time that we agree to designate as 2015. Reality is whatever most of us agree that we see… right?
There is no right and wrong, only learning by contrasting life experiences. In my life  I’m learning that the Universe is on my side. In my Wellness Chiropractic Practice, this premise is at the core awareness of each adjustment..closing the gap between a belief in partial separation and the knowing of total connection… One symptom of living in partial separation is fear. Fear makes each of us do things. We develop habits and behaviors that sooth and comfort us. We all have our quirks in this way…Trying to stop fear-based habits can cause us to depend on popular remedies which are always less than what we are designed to receive and the Universe is capable of giving us…Take smoking for example…

“Smoking Cessation Drugs Are More Lethal Than Smoking Itself
Learning to stop smoking is not easy. You cough. You fidget. You crave. All you want is a cigarette. Just one. You want to go back to the day that you started this process and live that day over. But these days, your doctor can offer you a lot more help in the form of smoking cessation drugs. Yes, that’s right, they can even double your chance of quitting. There are just a few caveats, but no biggie. Besides increasing your hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts, they’ll also elevate your risk for other psychiatric disorders, not to mention bring down your gastrointestinal, metabolic, nervous, endocrine, immunological, renal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. But hey, at least you’ll quit smoking right?”

There is another “disorder” that  our conventional approaches –  the education professionals in schools in collaboration with the medical profession have been trying to DRUG INTO SUBMISSION with LEGALIZED NARCOTICS. But they have neglected to assess and include the forgotten solution.

In Georgina, many families, both adults and children have been labelled and stigmatized by this rapidly escalating North American EPIDEMIC. Those affected have lost sleep and struggled with the decision of choosing whether to “use” or not while living in a ‘reality’ which advocates that drugs are bad… “just say no.” On the other hand, everybody’s doing it right? BUT untested, prescription medications can turn users into ZOMBIES… But hey, at least they/you can focus better right?

On Tuesday Feb 10th at 7:00 pm in the All Purpose Room in the Ice Palace I will be presenting an interactive workshop entitled ADHD – THE FORGOTTEN SOLUTION. I will be teaching those who join us how to do my 10 SECOND TEST. I do a demonstration of how you and your children can easily receive what the universe designed us for in each moment. This can be life changing.
Are your beliefs shifting into a knowing that there is an order behind every dis-order? Turn your doubt and suffering into anticipation and ease. REGISTER TODAY. Book seats for yourself and a friend on Feb 10th for ADHD – THE FORGOTTEN SOLUTION by contacting me personally at my website- by email. The landing page with my introductory video will be up within hours!

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