The Stream of Abundance Constantly Renews All

Regardless of the state of ones health, because of the connection that we embody as living beings, there is always integration to match disintegration. There is always healing to replenish the wearing of exhaustion just as there is ease to proceed what has been wrongly named disease. Further, as the word implies; dis-ease is simply the absence of ease.  Dis-ease is known by humans from their mal-alignment. Resisting our natural alignment blocks out the the good feelings of abundance we can know as powerful participants embedded in the eternal “field” of ease constantly expressing as well being in the living Universe. This reality exists at the core of every human activity and conception; for we are in fact fare more than merely human.

There is a Universal Intelligence in all things constantly and consistently sharing its qualities and attributes with matter or form; thereby blending matter into an order of existence. Our Sun can re-mind or reset our mind to this reality each day if we allow it to.

Each compassionate act, thought and feeling; each adjustment we make to increase the presence of this Innate Power is an integral act which will result in increased life. Chiropractic adjustment to de-stress a nerve system brings the harmonization of living vibration towards ease and away from chronic stress. This is one example of assisting the healing process of a living  body to continually renew itself. Why the nervous system? Because it is the filter we process our lives through and it must be clear, clean and FREE.

It is “the stream of abundance which constantly and consistently renews ALL”.

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