Chiropractic Is The Life Principle Paradigm In Action

I trust everyone is viewing Episode 10 of Vaccines Revealed before it is taken down later this evening. We have come to the point in time that we can finally give ourselves permission to think without the imposed fear-based manipulations used by the forces in control of the outside-in sickness treatment/prevention paradigm. That’s correct. We are now and always have been in the era of the Inside-out health paradigm and not the era of the commercial outside-in sickness paradigm of treatments and vaccinations.

How does this play out in chiropractic adjustment? To understand this you must be willing to accept the concept that the nervous system in the human body is a primary operational coordinator of all tissues and systems inside our incredible human body. Let me give you an example you will relate to. This month a person came into my care who has been receiving chiropractic care for over ninety years. This person had recently chosen to undergo a medical procedure. The medical provider admitted to this person that this was the first time he had ever performed this procedure on someone of their age. My point in this one case involving a lifetime chiropractic advocate is that when you make the commitment to include specific scientific chiropractic adjustments to keep your body as fully connected to its Source as possible; anything is possible. This (health) is not complicated. Spinal misalignments can stop or distort your body’s life force flow. Chiropracitc adjustments done precisely can turn life back on. Anyone in the sickness treatment paradigm will reflexly criticise the power of scientific specific spinal chiropractic adjustments because this profession is outside of the medical paradigm as has been stated above.

The new paradigm of health care is embedded in this short case study. When you invest in building your health by optimizing your connection to Source, you are creating something much more powerful than any type of sickness treatment strategy. As I stated in my previous blog this week; the difference is in the human body’s Innate inherent ability to self-regulate, to self organize and to self-heal.

I have a scoop for you, Dr. Gentempo has made Episode 3 available to you until midnight Jan 25th.

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