Do You Feel More Tense? Why?

Do you believe that your existence is dependent on connection to your Source? If so, would you agree that the better your connection to Source is, the less tense your life will be? Over the years in my work as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), I have witnessed a trend in people to take responsibility for their quality of connection to their Source rather than blame their unhappiness on the tensions in their lives. In other words; when your connection is solid; you stop playing the blame game. “The better connected we get the less we must force our conscious attention in a direction and instead allow Consciousness to flow”.

In my Chiropractic Healing Centre there is a growing awareness that following adjustment, the connection to the increase of the flow of Life is tangible. In my clinical experience, when people are adjusted there is a transformation in that moment from alive to more alive. I cannot imagine a more appropriate reason for visiting a health care professional. I am proud to know that this outcome is the actual purpose of every adjustment here at The Chiropractic Healing Centre in Georgina Ontario Canada a short distance north of Port Perry the birthplace of Chiropractic’s founder; Dr. Daniel David Palmer. The early vision of a chiropractic as a correction of spinal interference to the nervous system has been elevated by modern science to a deeper understanding in how important the spine is to the function even of the brain itself.

Further to these thoughts, I must state my excitement and anticipation to witness how these scientific advances are implemented by the few chiropractic colleges which have strayed into the territory of physiotherapy and medicine rather than the proud history of the unique and natural chiropractic adjustment. Each specific spinal adjustment serves to increase connection to Source by enhancing spinal function both bio-mechanically and vitally. “The better connected we get; the less we must force our conscious attention in a direction and instead allow Consciousness to flow. ” This in my opinion is the epitome of health care during a time when the tensions of modernity are amplifying mental health challenges.

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