Do you Want To Treat It Or Do You Want To Beat It?

Once upon a time there was a vibrational intelligence so advanced it could imagine and then form the whole universe just by breathing it into being.

It was so advanced that it focused and  imagined and created natural laws and rules for the compassionate control of every type of situation that could ever happen in this realm of time and space.

Universal intelligence was so amazingly incredible that it couldn’t help that it wanted to experience itself in every possible way.

So, after universal intelligence had manifested the ideal environment in which to ‘live’ and ‘be’ ‘alive’… after that,  it split a part of itself off and dove deeply into the physical matrix of time-space reality and was born into the ideal environment of here and now on the planet known as Earth.

The incredible experiment of physical birth from a vibrational state into the vibrating physical creation resulted in the reality of spinal misalignment caused by the intensity of the transition from the vibraional no-where into the physical now-here.

The only form of health care needed in this realm of universal creation was one which understood the importance of proper alignment in the physical form on all dimensions…physical, chemical and psycho-emotional. This work is done in modernity through adjustments by hand only and named after the Greek language  was dubbed Chiro (by hand) practice (practice).

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