Spinal subluxation is serious. Chiropractic care is a necessity.

Good day friends and fans of Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre.  2015 is a 2X year for Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. This means that our impact on this community will double.  We will do this through regular meetings and workshops where Subluxation’s devastating effects on health in people of all ages will be demonstrated using the 10 second health test.  This test provides a clear experience of muscle function as a reflection of brain connection. The range of results spans from muscle paralysis to weakness to OPTIMAL TONE.  The power of the 10 second test is that it also demonstrates the possibility of subluxation correction.

It was nice to see a new person reactivate into care yesterday. I’m her third chiropracTOR. She had one during her teen years, another in Newmarket before moving to Keswick. This chiropractor did adjustments and then quite a bit of soft tissue work, but the “adjustments didn’t last”. Are you saying my adjustments hold better I asked…”Yes ...You work very differently”. The BIG IDEA in chiropractic is this: “HOLDING IS HEALING” Why is this idea so big?
I can explain this by saying that my focus is correction of the primary subluxation by specific chiropractic adjustment. The order of procedures is everything! The major misalignment in all of us is most often in the upper cervical area at the top of the neck in the misalignment of the head on the spine. Specific adjustment whether by instrument or by hand, frees up flow of needed energies between the brain and the rest of the body. This is KEY. This is why I use the Insight Subulxation Station to monitor the healing process.. By adjusting the primary subluxation first, I can then see if the body needs anything else done OR NOT. Getting chiropractic adjustment to hold is about working with the body’s intelligence and NOT about working on the body to treat symptoms. Another big idea nugget is that our body once aligned is completely self-repairing. Here’s an example…

One of my new (first month of care) people came in because his wife referred him to me. His previous two chiros were a full spine generalist for 3 months and another for one year who also used laser. There was some success (relief) in his shoulder. Then after some time he relapsed and now chiro #3..ME.  After Sub-Station scans, and x-rays there was evidence of upper neck subluxation and compensatory changes in all the spinal curves. There was obvious weakness (partial paralysis) of the left side of his body…This is a far bigger health problem than most people realize… We managed five visits before the Christmas interval and started up with three more in January.  No changes were reported until after the seventh visit when his shoulder symptoms flared intensely.  Another fact here is that once the body begins to heal the sequence of events is not predictable… The experience will vary from bliss to discomfort. From sleepy to energized. The attitude a person under care must train themselves into is that any change is healing including no change. Exactly as it is happening in this case – nothing until 7 visits over 5 weeks then the process became noticeable in a way that was interpreted as disturbing. Going to a health club to work out can have the same result right? People often injure themselves while exercising. (or aggravate a problem)
The message is that until visit 7, all of the healing was silent and invisible until when it wasn’t.. The law to cling to in this instance is that the body never makes a mistake or hurts itself. The body is an amazing healing organism. Subluxation stops the clear communication between the body’s cells and the brain’s unfathomable resources. Correcting this serious health problem by adjustment is what true chiropractic is about – I Change lives by reconnecting trillions of cells to the Universal resources of life with spinal adjustments…Lifetime wellness care in a nutshell.

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