Dynamic Life Connection = Personal Health Creation

I am so excited for you because you are here reading these important ideas. These ideas will give you the inspiration to create relationships. These relationships will reinforce your commitment to grow your most valuable asset. What are your values? My primary value is life connection. Over the past year while I have been developing my Dinner WITH DOC meetings it has been very clear that the most valuable asset is life itself flowing in the human body.

I know this seems obvious BUT no one understands how this works. Very few of us grasp the importance of a fully functional body. What is that? Simple! Fully means without lack. Functional means that which causes the desired results to show up. When we get hurt or stressed, we lose life connection, our quality and quantity of function is compromised. This leads to dis-ease. Disease is when organs go too fast and/or too slow. These fluxuations cause changes in brain to body communications and or body to brain requests. What happens when functions shut down? We move away from our life connection. This connection is our only true life insurance. The fully connected body has adequate flow of Innate Intelligence between the magnificent brain and the awesome variety of cells and tissues. The power of Life is due to this inherent flow of incomprehensible wisdom in action through the spinal organ of communication.

Just what do I mean by the term Life Connection?

The loss of connection to life is called Spinal Subluxation
Spinal subluxation is a misalignment that reduces life expression between brain and body and vice versa.
Subluxation is caused by continuous emotional tensions, chemical toxins and the most underrated stress which is physical traumas.
Spinal subluxation can be either symptomatic in organ malfunction or may have no signs or symptoms whatsoever.
The subluxation detection and correction specialists are your local chiropractor who is trained in the art of specific spinal adjustment. Chiropractors adjust to correct causes of life disconnection due to spinal subluxation.

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