The Five Kaizens Of Health

Last week I was interviewed on Rogers for Georgina Life. This was my first opportunity to sit on the “big red couch” and chat with Jordan and Amanda. My topic was how to raise the bar or move the needle when in comes to creating health in our community. Our conversation began with an outline of the Dinner With Doc series. Interestingly; Jordan who is very knowledgeable due to his own health challenges, was fascinated by my suggestion that a healthy body is a time machine.

Time and health are related you may ask? Yes! Consider for a moment that time is our only non-renewable resource. Ironically on the other hand time is totally an illusion. Huh? Sure it is. What time is it now? Well the answer (as always) is in the question. No matter what ‘time’ your smart phone reads, it is NOW. If you could ask a dog for the time the creature would cock its head sideways and roll its eyes and remind you that of course “its now man”. Then we talked about the other three questions we cover during Dinner With Doc like what is health, how do we know and why is this true.

For today’s blog I will sum this up with the 5 Kaizens. Health is free and 100% available to each of us if we know how to align ourselves with LIFE.

Posture your body into extension which is the opposite of the position known as sitting (the new smoking). Look up, raise your arms and move them backward behind your head. Hold 10 seconds and repeat.
Breath deeply from your diaphram. This means your belly goes out and as your lungs fill up your chest does too. Be conscious of the air in you sinus cavities. Repeat.
Drink water. The formula for this is to drink 1/2 your body weigh in ounces daily. Repeat
Your neck has a special arch when posture is open and relaxed as in #1 above. To reinforce this take a rolled up towel and place it behind your neck, hold both ends and pull downward as you tilt your chin toward the sky. Do this for 10 seconds. Repeat.
Take five minutes and google www.Ideal to learn more about your arch of life. For more information on my approach to health click here:
Creating core health is simply a process of making continuous improvements every day while having a mindset that fully accepts everything about your life in the past and NOW. More about this next time!

Happy Thanks giving

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