Why Do Some Of Us Get Sick And Others Not So Much?

Obviously depending on your perspective there can be many different answers to this question. Why do some seem more prone to inheriting diseases than their siblings do? Is is possible they inherited the predisposition for the disease and because their environment was the same as the parent? Why doesn’t their sibling “get it”? Lifestyle must factor in; meaning our choices, thinking and actions. Is there another factor we have been missing because our science is blinded by theories shrouded in the economics of our world?

Do you have a persistent condition that you have been told you’ll just have to “live with”? If you want to learn a different way to think about this, attend DINNER WITH DOC this evening at Fusion Cuisine. Is is possible that so many of us get sick, suffer necessarily and develop organ failures simply because we are stuck in a way of thinking? Have we been taught what to think and not how to think? Wouldn’t this be a reason causing us to be blinded to the truth about our health?

To book your seat tonight call 905-476-6475 to learn how to become eligible for FREE DINNER at Fusion Carribbean Italian Cuisine.

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