Is It CoINcidence OR Is It CoinCIDEnce?

You know what? I get tired of people using the term coincidence to indicate that when things happen there is no meaning because its “just a coincidence” The way I see the Universe is that everything has a meaning; including the seemingly random occurrence of nearly simultaneous events.

Can you see that the true pronunciation of the word to describe the meaningful timing of events that coincide is pronounced phonetically to be an actual coincidence and not a mere coincidence? OK rant over. And it was a rant.

The reason that I experience a periodic buildup of frustration is because as a chiropractor, I care for the nervous system of the people who come to me. We live our lives through this system and so it needs to be kept in tune like any musical instrument does. When human beings lose their health because of spinal subluxation causing dysfunction in their brain and its nervous system it is my duty as a chiropractor to proclaim loudly that their disease is not merely a coincidence but a manifestation of the synchronistic COINCIDENCE due to life force flowing into their vital tissues and organs.

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