What Is The Life Principle? How Does It Relieve Pain?

OK, here we go. If you are reading this, you must be into personal development. What does personal development have to do with growing your and your family’s health? Good question! I mention pain in the title above. What is pain? Pain is often a symptom that something is under repair. Persistent chronic pain over more than three days, is a sign that something isn’t right. Personal development involves understanding with clarity that pain is a natural element of a healing or dis-ease process that is underway. When I sprained my ankle playing high school basketball, it hurt like hell, swelled up and eventually turned lots of different colours. My point is that pain is not a bad thing. Personal development gives me the insight necessary to understand that how I feel is really no indication of how my body is functioning. Full function = health. They are equal. So limited function = dis-ease with or without symptoms. Prolonged dis-ease becomes actual disease; both with and without symptoms. The further we move away from the full expression of our life principle the less alive we are. Does that make sense? Here’s one version of the health continuum known as the Illness – Wellness Continuum. The wellness paradigm in the continuum below can be summed up as anything that increases the expression of the Life Principle as I stated above.

As I said in yesterday’s blog post’ “The reason that I experience a periodic buildup of frustration is because as a chiropractor, I care for the nervous system of the people who come to me. We live our lives through this system and so it needs to be kept in tune like any musical instrument does. If a person doesn’t clearly grasp how this relates to the life principle they may spend years struggling with the ‘treatment paradigm’ and also the wellness paradigm because they’re missing out on the powerful benefits of the specific chiropractic spinal adjustment. Consider the consequences of this to a body builder or a mom with sick kids. Missing out on the subluxation correction to enhance the spinal communication process over years and decades will negatively affect and shorten lives.

My reason for serving through chiropractic is that as chiropractors we see the spinal adjustment as a very efficient (safe, natural, fast, inexpensive) method of increasing the quality and quantity of Life Force flow in the human body. This brings us back to Life Principle. A principle is a law; a natural law (like gravity). The Life Principle is a spiritual concept. In our body it is self-evident that the brain’s primary organ of communication is the spinal cord and 24 pairs of nerve roots. I you don’t know this you must consider that your mind has been manipulated into a state of ignorance. It is also self evident that the stress of daily living is constant and increasing. Don’t suffer unnecessarily in treatment or waste valuable time in wellness without regular spinal checkups that can make all the difference. The most important thing I will ever do for my patients is to adjust them! If this concept appeals to you and you haven’t integrated regular spinal checkups into your health regime yet, give me a call. 905-476-6475 and or visit www.pikcchiropractic.com

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